An Interview with Prestone’s Bruce Ellis


Bruce Ellis, Global Technical Director, Holts.We spoke to Prestone’s Global Technical Director, Bruce Ellis, about why engine coolant is essential for optimum engine performance – particularly during the winter months – and what makes Prestone stand out from other coolant/antifreeze products.

“With winter and colder conditions upon us, now is the perfect time for mechanics to ensure their customers’ vehicles are adequately prepared to perform reliably in extreme temperatures. Topping up or replacing oil & coolant/antifreeze, while flushing out used fluids, should form an essential part of winter car maintenance.”

“Most vehicle owners know how important it is to regularly check oil levels and stick to the manufacturer’s service recommendations. What often gets overlooked is that coolant/antifreeze deteriorates over time, with most traditional coolants needing to be changed every two to three years. During the winter months, it is especially important to have the right type and level of antifreeze in the engine to prevent freezing, damage and engine failure.”

– Why is it important to check your Coolant/Antifreeze levels, especially now?

“If the engine has the wrong type or level of coolant/antifreeze the results can be devastating during the cold winter months. If the fluid freezes, it will expand in volume and cause cracks in the cooling system. When the coolant leaks out, the engine will experience overheating. This combination can lead to complete engine failure.”

– Why do you recommend Prestone? What makes Prestone’s Coolant/Antifreeze different from any other on the market?

PRESTONE COOLANT CON 1L GB“Prestone’s scientists are “Pioneers in the Extreme” and have been at the forefront of coolant technology since 1927. Today, Prestone is the market leading brand of coolant/antifreeze in the US.

“Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze does everything you’d expect of a brand leader in one of the most demanding markets on Earth, and contains the highest quality ingredients to help maintain optimum engine temperature. Having been tested in some of the most extreme temperatures on the planet in the US, Prestone is more than capable of protecting against freezing and overheating in the UK.”

“But that’s only part of it. Prestone also contains ingredients to prevent corrosion inside the cooling system while protecting each metal and non-metal part. Modern engines are extremely complex machines, made up of thousands of parts, so Prestone’s world renowned research scientists have developed a formula that will protect the cooling system of any car or light goods vehicles on the market. When Prestone is used to replace old coolant at the normal service interval, it will protect the cooling system of any car engine for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles”.

“Finally, Prestone will mix with any other type and colour of coolant/antifreeze in the world. So regardless of the coolant already in the engine, Prestone is perfect for topping up.”

– What are the key performance benefits of Prestone as a Coolant/Antifreeze?

Prestone Guarantee“Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze meets or exceeds the performance requirements of all car manufacturers worldwide. It not only protects aluminium and all other metals and non-metals for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles, but also ensures that any car engine will perform in even the most extreme weather conditions, working at temperatures as low as -64°C*.”

“For convenience, Prestone is available in ‘ready-to-use’ formula, perfect for topping up any car engine no matter what coolant is already in the system. Prestone is also available as a concentrate in bulk sizes; ideal for use by any mechanic in any engine. Because it is suitable for all cars, it saves garage mechanics money, time, and storage space.”

– Prestone coolant antifreeze claims to be compatible with all makes and model of car on the road. However, competitors claim that different makes of car require a specific colour of coolant/antifreeze. How is Prestone tested to guarantee suitability with all cars and light goods vehicles and compatible with any coolant already in the engine?

“The answer is simple; testing, testing, testing! At Prestone’s Technical Centre in Danbury, Connecticut, in the US, teams of scientist spend years developing and testing coolant/antifreeze formulations. Only through using industry standard testing can Prestone guarantee suitability with all cars and compatibility with all coolants. As well as being the best friend to the garage mechanic, Prestone supplies coolant to the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. When the car leaves the factory, it contains Prestone.”

– Can this claim be guaranteed?

DEKRANew“Yes, it can. Prestone is unique, patented worldwide and committed to excellence. Prestone’s OAT (Organic Acid (Additive) Technology) has completed over 18 million miles in testing and many more millions of miles on the road, earning it Prestone’s prestigious Guarantee stamp.”

“Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze comes with the Prestone Compatibility Guarantee, and is endorsed by German-based vehicle inspection company DEKRA, having proven to protect against corrosion, overheating and freezing.”


– How do you stay on top of innovation and new engine development in the market place? Every year more and more new cars with new and different engine technology are introduced to the market. How can you ensure Prestone will work for these engines as well?

“For nearly 90 years, Prestone has been at the cutting edge of coolant development. Inspired by its history, Prestone’s scientists are dedicated to the continuous improvement of coolant technology. Prestone is able to stay ahead of the competition by using its exclusive relationship with the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Again, it comes down to testing; when a new engine is created utilising new materials, Prestone is devoted to ensuring its patented Coolant/Antifreeze protects all components for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles, guaranteed!”


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