Prestone Newquay 1Mechanics trust Prestone to keep engines cool but the brand has gone the extra mile to stop the sizzle this summer.
The Prestone brand team travelled from the Holts HQ in Manchester to Newquay on Tuesday August 11 to spread the word about Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant.
Kitted out in Prestone gear, the team headed to sun soaked Fistral Beach to give away free goodie bags of coolant and sunscreens emblazoned ‘Make sure it’s only the BBQ that sizzles’.
The stunt went down a storm with the Newquay natives, with 300 goodie bags and 400 sunscreens given out on the day. Prestone Brand Manager Claire Fenton said: “It was a fantastic day and a really effective way of raising awareness of the Prestone brand and to get the product directly into people’s hands.
“People were really interested in the product and sought us out once they heard that we were out in force around the beach. The sunscreens were hugely popular and families immediately went back and put them on their cars – they were really keen to get involved.Prestone Newquay 2
“It was also great to get insight from people who currently use the coolant – one of the people were talked to was a mechanic and said he would put his sunscreen up in his garage.”
Whilst they were down on the Cornish coast, the team dropped by auto parts store Car Vogue, which is a Newquay-based Prestone stockist and a staunch advocate of the range.
With stockist support high on the Prestone agenda, the team also handed out leaflets about Car Vogue and directed sun worshippers to the beachfront store during the giveaway. Bryn Williams, from Car Vogue, said: “We have been stocking Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant for years and we always recommend it to our customers; it is a great choice as customers don’t have to worry about mixing wrong colours so they can use it safely.
“It was great to see the team during their Newquay visit – I got into the spirit of things by wearing my yellow Prestone shirt and we got some nice photographs with the Prestone team and branded car.”
The Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze range has been given a dynamic redesign to reflect the product’s high performance, no-fuss formula – distinct, concise and consistent.
The coolant/antifreeze is guaranteed to be compatible with all makes and models of car and mixes with any colour of coolant/antifreeze already in the system – a perfect ‘no fuss’ solution for mechanics.
As part of Prestone’s commitment to excellence and ensuring that its products perform as promised, the coolant/antifreeze has endured rigorous testing in the lab; earning it Prestone’s prestigious
Guarantee stamp.
The antifreeze is also endorsed by German-based vehicle inspection company DEKRA, having proven to offering corrosion, overheating and frost protection.
The redesigned range, which comes insizes 1L/4L/20L/60L/205L, is hitting shelves of independent stores across the UK.