Pro – Holts EGR & Car Cleaner Cleaner Engine, Better Performance

Day to day dirt and grime can have a significant impact on an engine’s performance and should be one of the key things to consider during customer vehicle maintenance.
Holts has over 90 years’ experience of creating best performing car products for UK mechanics.
Their EGR and Carburettor cleaner, contains an effective formula to easily dissolve and clean away performance robbing deposits such as gum and soot. Suitable for diesel and petrol engines, it can be used on any Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve or Carburettor system and will not only help restore engine performance but also improve MPG and restore emissions by cleaning the engine of dirt, grease, varnish, carbon and gum deposits.
Holts EGR and Carburettor cleaner can be sprayed directly onto any part including; EGR valves, Throttle Body, Carburettors, Air Intake Systems, Chokes, Air Flow Sensors and PCV Valves. It leaves no deposits or residue, and thanks to it its powerful 360 degree valve it can reach even the most awkward angle.