Pro – Holts Launches New Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair

Market leader in aftermarket products, Holts, has launched a brand new product under its Prestone brand. Developed for professional mechanics, Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair providefd a fast and permanent solution for fixing leaks.
PRESTONE Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair 400mlCompatible with all makes and models of vehicle, Prestone’s Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair can be added to any colour of existing coolant or antifreeze – offering peace of mind and convenience for busy mechanics.
Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair couldn’t be easier to use, as it requires no draining or flushing of the cooling system. The unique US formula reduces corrosion and fixes leaks in a matter of minutes and also prevents any future leaks. Importantly and unlike some competitors, it does not form into a gel and therefore has no damaging effect on the car.
Developed by the makers of the number one coolant in the US, Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair can be used by mechanics to treat up to 14 litres of coolant.
Claire Fenton, brand manager at Prestone, commented: “The aftermarket was crying out for an innovative product which offers professional mechanics an effective alternative to replacing a car’s head gasket. We invested heavily in developing a unique formula which will exceed a mechanic’s expectations and have achieved this with Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair.
“Prestone is already a well established leading brand in North America and as a nation which is well renowned for its demanding customers we can be certain we are introducing an excellent product to automotive professionals in the UK.”
Aside from permanently repairing leaks, Prestone Head Gasket & Engine Block Repair can also be used to fix:

  • Engine Blocks
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Freeze Plugs
  • Water Pump Gaskets
  • Radiators
  • Heater Cores
  • Hoses


Prestone Head Gasket and Engine Block Repair has an RRSP of £35 and is widely available in independent motor stores.