Redex One Simple Fuel Additive for Diesel or Petrol

At Holt Lloyd, we’re proud that we’ve been “driving since 1919”. As part of our family, Redex also has a proud history of helping you to keep driving for longer, having been trusted by motorists since 1922.

As part of this commitment to keeping cars running for longer Redex has recently merged two of their flagship products into one easy to use fuel additive for diesel or petrol.

You can now get all the benefits of Redex Treatment and Petrol Injector in Redex System Cleaner – just one shot per tank will clean your fuel system to improve MPG, lower emissions and keep your engine healthy in the long term.

No matter what type of car or engine you have, you simply choose Redex System Cleaner for petrol or diesel and pour directly into your tank. To make it easy for you to use regularly, you can buy System Cleaner in a Boot Pack which contains 4 individual shots, as well as in larger bottles which will treat several tanks. By making Redex System Cleaner part of your car’s routine, you can be sure that you’re keeping it fitter and taking care of it inside and helping you to pass your MOT.