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Can I use Redex in a motorcycle? Can I use Redex Pre-MOT Emissions Reducer in the same tank as the Redex Diesel Booster? In the first ever episode of Ask the RedExpert, our RedExperts Phil and Liam answer these two common questions about Redex usage.

What is the mix ratio for Redex? Are there any Redex additives for Marine engines? The RedExperts are back again and answering two new frequently asked questions about Redex. In the second Ask The RedExpert episode, our RedExperts Phil and Qas answer these two common questions about Redex.

How does DPF Cleaner Work? Can I use Redex after i’ve already filled up? In the this episode of Ask the RedExpert, our RedExperts Qas and Liam answer these two common questions about Redex products.

This was Halloween week! So, we thought we’d mark it with a Halloween special. This episode forms the basis of the Redex ‘spot the pun’ competition that can be entered on the website or via our social media channels. Note the competition is now closed.

With new Redex related questions, our RedExperts Qaswar and Liam return to answer another two questions sent in from from Redex customers. In this latest episode they were asked: Can I use Redex and AdBlue together? Does Redex protect against E10 petrol corrosion?

Common questions our RedExperts are asked: Can Redex save me money? and Can I use Redex in my classic car? Both are answered in this episode of Ask the RedExpert.

How often should I use Redex System Cleaners? Can I use Redex in my Hybrid? The RedExperts Chloe and Jake are back this month to answer two more common questions / FAQs about Redex.

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