Our Story

Dating back to 1922, Redex has been a part of driving history for decades. Many drivers remember getting a shot of Redex at petrol stations, as a quick and easy addition to the fuel tank to improve engine performance. Redex even had its own club, which gave loyal Redex users special benefits.

Over the years, Redex has remained at the forefront of engine technology and has also responded innovatively to todays need for more convenience. Regular use cleans the fuel system, reduces emissions and improves the life of engines to give you a better drive.


Redex was first launched in 1922, set up as a limited company providing fuel additives for cars. Drivers wanted to find ways to extend the life of the motor car and improve its performance, and using Redex to clean and lubricate engines became an important part of car maintenance.


Redex sponsored the famous Australian Trial in which drivers drove over 10,000km. The drivers didn’t know the route until they arrived, and they had to average different speeds along the course. It was a drive into the unknown and at that time it was the second longest trial ever undertaken. It remains as a watershed in endurance rallies in Australia.


Use of Redex is now an established part of car maintenance, and many drivers use it whenever they fill their cars. “Penny a shot” dispensers were used at filling stations. When you filled your car with fuel, you could ask for a shot of Redex with it to keep your car running for longer.


Redex was bought by Holts and added to their family of automotive products. Holt Lloyd as it’s now called is a leading manufacturer of car care products across the world, with a range of chemical repair and maintenance products for vehicles, and so Redex was the perfect addition to the portfolio.


Over the years, to meet the demands of modern cars, Redex have innovated and added to their product range. This year, the Treatment and Injector Cleaner products are merged into one easy to use fuel additive for petrol or diesel, to make it easy for drivers to select the product for them and save fuel.


Redex Hybrid Diesel System Cleaner Fuel AdditiveAlways innovating, in 2016 we launched the UK’s first fuel additive for hybrid engines. As cars evolve to meet today’s environmental needs, our product development team ensure our system cleaners evolve too, so no matter what you drive there’s a Redex for you.


In 2017 we launched our new slogan – for a better drive – to help drivers know that they are making the right choice for their car’s performance.