Petrol Power Booster

What is Petrol Power Booster?

Petrol fuels combust at different speeds depending on their quality, and this combustion speed is called the Octane number. A higher Octane number means better quality fuel and increased performance.

Due to the variations in petrol quality, Redex have developed this specialist Octane booster to maximise performance and offer potential increases in fuel economy. It increases your petrol’s Octane number by up to 1.5, so no matter what you put in your car you can be sure that it is receiving the best. Petrol Power Booster can be added to a full tank of petrol, and should be used regularly for best results.

  • Increase Octane rating by up to 1.5 numbers
  • Improves power and maximises performance
  • Boosts combustion

Improve your Octane number today with Redex Petrol Power Booster.

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Frequently asked questions:


Yes, our Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner product can be used on any type of petrol engine with no harmful side effects.

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Redex can be used as often as you like to keep you engine running well. We recommend using a shot in each tank, but you can also use it whenever you notice your MPG dropping or between fill ups.

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Redex is sold in stores across the UK including national supermarkets and local specialist retailers. You can find out more on our Where to Buy page.

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