How Can Fuel Additives Help Me?

You may have seen fuel additives like Redex in your local motoring supplies shop, but what are they and how can they benefit your car?

Here, we’ll be looking at all the different ways Redex can help you – from improving the life of your car’s engine to preparing for an upcoming MOT test.

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What Are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are specialist engine fluids which you can add directly to your car’s fuel system. They offer a range of different benefits for your car whether you drive a petrol, a diesel or a hybrid.

So, how do they work?

A lot of drivers are unaware that petrol and diesel aren’t always the best quality. Here in the UK, fuel quality can vary between different brands, forecourts and even pumps, as there are no regulations controlling what additives are put in different types of fuel.

Over time, this can affect the performance of your car, with deposits building up on the injectors. As a result, you might notice higher emissions, limited MPG and poor engine health – and that’s where fuel additives come in.

Fuel additives, like Redex Petrol System Cleaner, are designed to remove deposits from your car’s fuel system, whether in the tank or the injectors. They contain powerful cleaning agents which remove deposits and particles from the fuel, so you can be sure what you put in your car isn’t causing any harm to the engine.

Using additives to clean inside your car can bring down emissions, boost performance and extend the life of your car’s engine, helping you enjoy a better drive whatever your car’s make and model.

At Redex we’ve been making fuel additives since 1922, and in that time, we’ve refined our formula to cope with the demands of modern engine technology, so you can get great results mile after mile.

Redex Diesel System CleanerWhy Use Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives can help you and your car in all sorts of clever ways. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to trust in Redex as part of your day-to-day car maintenance.

Boosting Performance

Are you someone who likes to get the very most from every tank of fuel? Maybe you like to treat your car to premium petrol and diesel at the pumps?

With Redex, you can enjoy better performance from every tank of fuel, whether that means optimum MPG or outstanding engine response. Our petrol and diesel fuel additives offer a range of performance-boosting benefits, cleaning up your car’s fuel system while making sure the fuel it’s burning is of the highest quality.

To benefit from a performance boost, we’d recommend:

  • Redex System Cleaner – our no.1 fuel additive. System Cleaner removes harmful deposits from your car’s fuel system, improving the life of your engine while restoring performance and maximising MPG.
  • Power Booster – if you prefer using premium, high-octane fuels in your car, you can get the same results with Redex Power Booster. Available for petrol and diesel engines, this fuel additive mimics the performance-enhancing qualities of high-end fuels for an all-round better drive.

Reducing Emissions

Reducing emissions is an important issue for lots of drivers. We all want to make sure those quick trips to the shops or the school gate aren’t costing the earth. That’s why using fuel additives to limit your car’s emissions makes for a responsible choice.

If your car’s fuel system is dirty and clogged with particles, the engine won’t burn fuel efficiently. This not only dampens performance but also leads to higher emissions, so it’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to reduce your car’s emissions and get it running as efficiently as possible, try:

  • Emissions Reducer – that’s right, we have a product specifically designed to reduce emissions. Use whenever you need to improve emissions.
  • Redex Fuel System Cleaner – reducing emissions is what our standard fuel system cleaner does best. Use it every time you top up the tank to make sure your car is running at its best.

Preparing for Your MOT

Ever since emissions testing became part of the compulsory annual MOT, thousands of drivers have seen their car fail due to dangerously high emissions levels. Failing the test is never fun, so we developed our range of fuel additives to make sure your car doesn’t let you down on the emissions part of the test.

If you want to give your car the best chance of passing its MOT, we’d recommend using fuel additives right before it’s booked in. That way, your car will be running at its most efficient, meaning limited emissions and – fingers crossed – a pass mark on this portion of the test.

To prepare your car for its MOT, try these fuel additives:

  • Emissions Reducer – just as it says on the bottle, our Emissions Reducer can help you pass your MOT, whether you drive a petrol, a diesel or a hybrid. Our upgraded formula means an intensive clean and reduced emissions, so you can go into your MOT test with absolute confidence.
  • DPF Cleaner – drive a diesel? Then you might understand the frustration of failing your MOT due to a blocked DPF filter. If you’re concerned yours might be getting close to clogged up, use Redex DPF Cleaner before the test to clean things out and remove harmful particles.
  • Redex Fuel System Cleaner – using Redex Fuel System Cleaner regularly ensures your car is always running at its efficient best, so you can get on with maintaining other areas of your car in time for its MOT.

Using Redex Fuel Additives with E10 Petrol: Is it Safe?

Redex is safe to use with the new type of E10 petrol, so you can continue adding it to your car as normal. The main difference between E10 and E5 is the amount of ethanol, but this won’t affect how our additives work to clean your car’s fuel injectors and maintain optimal engine health. Just add a shot to your car as you normally would, each time you top up the tank.

My car isn’t compatible with E10 fuel – can additives help?

Yes! Good news. Redex Petrol System Cleaner has been re-developed to provide an additional layer of protection to prevent corrosion from the increased ethanol content found in E10 Petrol.

This means that if you’ve got a vehicle manufactured before 2011, you can just add Redex Petrol System Cleaner in each tank and still use E10 Petrol safely. You’ll also get the additional benefits of reduced emissions, cleaned injectors, saving fuel and restored performance. Redex Petrol System Cleaner is compatible with both E10 and E5 Petrol and is suitable for Hybrids.

Lead Replacement for Classic Car Maintenance

Redex Lead Replacement Own a classic car? Then you’ll know all too well the stress of trying to keep it on the road. Since leaded fuels were phased out in 2000, classic car enthusiasts have faced the difficult task of finding suitable fuel for their pride and joy, without changing any of its original components.

Thanks to Redex Lead Replacement, classic car owners can use everyday fuels without worrying about internal damage. Our formula lubricates and protects solve valve seals, helping to keep vintage cars on the road.

For more information about Redex fuel additives, visit the homepage and explore our full product range to find out how to use them and how they improve your car’s performance.