Redex 5w-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for BMW, VX, VW, MB

Redex 5W-30 is a fully synthetic engine oil developed for use in select Volkswagen, BMW, Vauxhall, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

It’s suitable for both modern petrol and diesel vehicles, including those fitted with exhaust after-treatment units that require an ACEA C3 grade.

As a premium quality engine oil, it will protect and lubricate to a high standard without the need for additional oil improvers.

This engine oil is recommended for applications requiring:

  • ACEA C3
  • BMW LL-04;
  • Dexos 2;
  • VW 505 00, VW 505 01;
  • MB 229.31, MB 229.51, MB 229.52

Features and Benefits

Redex 5W-30 Fully Synthetic provides outstanding protection, performance, and lubrication, it can be safely used in engines with exhaust after-treatment units, specifically those that require an ACEA C3 grade motor oil.

Fully synthetic oil is renowned for its exceptional protection, longevity, and performance. Our lab-tested blend guarantees maximum lubrication in all conditions, helping to prolong the life of your car’s engine all year round.

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Vauxhall vehicle, it is recommended you use premium maintenance products to safeguard its performance and quality.

Fully synthetic 5W-30 is the benchmark in performance engine oil, providing outstanding wear and temperature protection to keep your car running at its best for longer.

Redex 5W-30 Fully Synthetic engine oil means you won’t need to change the oil as often.

With long-term durability and lubrication guaranteed, our premium synthetic oil lasts longer between service intervals, meaning you don’t need to change it as often.

This is convenient, saves money, and reduces waste oil.

How it Works

Redex 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Oil is developed for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Vauxhall engines and is compatible with both modern petrol and diesel engines. 100% synthetic, the oil delivers the highest level of performance, protection, lubrication, and corrosion control possible for an engine oil.

If you’re used to maintaining your car, adding Redex 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Oil to your car’s engine is easy. Simply drain the old oil, add the fresh 5W-30, run the engine for five minutes, and top up as needed.

Before use, check your car’s manual to make sure that Redex 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Oil is safe to use with your engine type. Using the right type of oil is important, so always read the label and safety information carefully before adding any product to your engine, or check the Redex Oil Finder.

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