Can Redex cause any damage to my car?

Can Redex cause any damage to my car?

No, Redex products will not cause any damage or impairment to your car. Each of our products has been carefully developed by our team of experienced chemists, before undergoing rigorous testing in ‘real life’ conditions over a period of years to ensure it offers the performance benefits you’d expect without causing damage or jeopardising the health of your vehicle.

Established in 1922, Redex has long been at the forefront of engine technology. Throughout our history, we have released a number of innovative fuel additives that are proven to save fuel, reduce emissions and improve the performance and lifespan of both petrol and diesel engines as well as hybrid engines. It’s this constant innovation that has led to the development of the world’s safest and most effective fuel additives.

Redex products are specially formulated to provide a reliable engine-cleaning solution that will remove harmful deposits from your fuel system without causing damage. Make Redex part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine, and you’ll enjoy improved fuel economy and greater engine efficiency, which could not only help you save at the pumps – it could help your car pass its MOT by reducing its total emissions.

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