Can Redex cause any damage to my car?

No, Redex products are perfectly safe and will not cause any damage or impairment to your car. Redex products are specially formulated to provide a reliable engine-cleaning solution that will remove harmful deposits from your fuel system without causing damage. Each of our products has been carefully developed by our team of experienced chemists, before undergoing rigorous testing. They’re similar to the additives found in premium fuel, so you can use them knowing they’re safe for your vehicle and also that you’re controlling what is going in your fuel system.

Established in 1922, Redex has long been at the forefront of engine technology. Throughout our history, we have released a number of innovative fuel additives that are proven to save fuel, reduce emissions and improve the performance and lifespan of both petrol and diesel engines as well as hybrid engines. It’s this constant innovation that has led to the development of our industry leading fuel additives.

Make Redex part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine, and you’ll enjoy improved fuel economy and greater engine efficiency, which could help you save at the pumps, and could help your car pass its MOT by reducing its total emissions.

Learn more about the benefits of Redex and how to use our range of fuel additives below.

Using Redex Fuel Additives with E10 Petrol: Is it Safe?

Redex is safe to use with the new type of E10 petrol, so you can continue adding it to your car as normal. The main difference between E10 and E5 is the amount of ethanol, but this won’t affect how our additives work to clean your car’s fuel injectors and maintain optimal engine health. Just add a shot to your car as you normally would, each time you top up the tank.

What Are the Benefits of Using Redex Fuel Additives?

Original Redex products were developed to maintain engine health and performance, ensuring drivers got the most miles from every tank. Today, our fuel additives can be used for a whole range of applications, including:

  • Cleans the fuel system – our fuel additives are designed to safely remove deposits from your car’s fuel system, extending the life of the engine by removing dirt from components like the fuel injectors.
  • Restores performance – has your car been feeling a little sluggish lately? Over time, deposits can hinder engine performance, particularly in the fuel injectors. A shot of Redex system cleaner can restore your car’s pep for a better drive.
  • Reduces emissions – emissions reduction has become a critical part of vehicle maintenance. By helping your car burn fuel more efficiently, Redex has a range specifically developed to reduce emissions which could help your car get through the emissions part of the MOT.
  • Increases power and output – drivers with powerful, high-end cars often choose high-octane fuel at the pumps, but what happens when it’s unavailable? Redex’s range of Power Booster fuel additives is designed to increase the octane rating of standard fuels, so you get the benefit of increased performance and output with every tank.
  • Particulate Filter Regeneration – DPF’s on diesel cars can get blocked if you don’t do long journeys at high speed to burn off the particulates. It can be expensive to repair. Our DPF Cleaner lowers the temperature the soot burns out to clear or prevent blockages.
  • Lead replacement – drive an old or classic car that runs on leaded fuel? Then you’ll know how difficult it can be to find safe fuel to use in your car. At Redex, our Lead Replacement product is ideal for vintage car drivers, offering a way to use standard fuel without worrying about causing damage to your engine.

How to Use Redex Fuel Additives

Redex fuel additives are designed to be quick and easy to use. Most products in the range are a pour-and-go solution, with a specially designed bottle that makes adding the solution to your car’s fuel system simple.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Redex fuel additives (based on our standard System Cleaner):

  1. Open your fuel filler cap ready for pouring. You can do this at home or at the fuel station.
  2. Remove the cap and protective seal from the Redex bottle.
  3. Add a ‘shot’ of Redex to the fuel system. Each bottle has a label saying the number of shots it contains, and we’ve designed the container to make it easy to add Redex straight into the fuel tank.
  4. And that’s it – Redex gets to work right away, flowing through the system to improve performance, reduce emissions and maintain long-term engine health.

How to Choose the Right Redex Product

Our product range has grown significantly in recent years, so we understand that some of our customers may have trouble choosing the appropriate fuel additives for their needs. To help, here’s a quick guide on when and where we’d recommend different products in the Redex range.

Petrol Drivers

  • Petrol System Cleaner – Use each time you top up the fuel tank to ensure efficient, all-round engine health and performance.
  • Petrol Advanced System Cleaner – If you’re new to Redex fuel additives, we’d recommend using our Advanced System Cleaner first, as this offers an intensive clean to remove years of dirt and deposits. After that, use every 1-2 months for a deep clean.
  • Petrol Emissions Reducer – Use every 1-2 months to ensure emissions are kept in check, as well as right before your MOT.
  • Petrol Power Booster – Use each time you fill up if you want high-octane fuel for the price of standard. 

Diesel Drivers

  • Diesel System Cleaner – Add a shot each time you fill up for improved engine health and performance.
  • Diesel Advanced System Cleaner – Use on first application to ensure an intensive clean, then reapply every 1-2 months.
  • Diesel Emissions Reducer – Use right before your MOT, then every 1-2 months.
  • Diesel Power Booster – Use each time you fill up if you want the benefits of high-cetane fuel.
  • DPF Cleaner – Use whenever you see the DPF warning light, or every 2-3 tanks to maintain the long-term performance of the DPF system.

Can You Put Too Much Redex in Your Car?

No, you can’t overdose your car with Redex. Our fuel additives are developed to be quick and simple to use, with a specially designed bottle that makes it easy to add a single shot of Redex to your car’s fuel system.

We’re often asked if you need to fill up the tank to full before using Redex. You don’t have to (it won’t harm the vehicle to add it to an empty tank) but adding it to a full tank will ensure the fuel additives circulate fully through the fuel system, so we recommend adding it to a full tank.

Our ‘shot’ size is developed to meet the needs of a standard 50l fuel tank. So, if your car has a larger tank, you may want to add a little more to the system. Don’t worry if it’s smaller, though, as Redex won’t cause any damage to your car no matter how much you add.

For more information on our innovative fuel additives and to explore the full range, click here to visit our main product page.

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