Your Petrol and Diesel Emissions Reducer FAQs Answered

Is your car due its MOT? Before you venture to it, add a shot of Redex Petrol or Diesel Emissions Reducer to make sure high emissions don’t cause any problems on the way.

Redex Petrol and Diesel Emissions Reducers are designed to reduce emissions and get your engine running more cleanly and efficiently. That means it’s a great product to add just before an MOT when your car needs to be working at its best.

Find out more about Petrol and Diesel Emissions Reducer in our FAQs.

Are Emissions Reducers Safe to Use?

Redex Emissions Reducer is safe to use, and with specific products for diesel or petrol it can be used in all modern engines. It works by removing deposits that form on the fuel injectors. There are deposits which, if left uncleaned, inhibit engine efficiency and increase exhaust emissions.

While it’s safe to use in most diesel and petrol engines, Emissions Reducer is specifically designed for older cars whose emissions may be close to the passable limit on the MOT. If your car is more than five years old, we’d highly recommend using Emissions Reducer as a safe and effective way to ensure it’s running at its cleanest.

How do I use Emissions Reducer?

Like all Redex fuel additives, Emissions Reducer is easy and convenient to use and can be added directly into the fuel tank via the fuel filler cap. Simply top up your car with your usual fuel and add a shot of Emissions Reducer according to the instructions on the bottle.

Emissions Reducer will get to work immediately, circulating through the fuel system to give a deep clean and reduce the number of emissions emitted through the exhaust. And by combining an Emissions Reducer with other products in the Redex range, you can keep emissions down while guaranteeing better long-term health for your car’s engine.

Which Emissions Reducer do I need?

We offer two types of Emissions Reducers: one for petrol engines and one for diesels. Be sure to select the appropriate product for your car.

Does Emissions Reducer work?

Redex Emissions Reducer is an effective way to bring down your car’s emissions and ensure that the engine is kept in good health. Developed by our experts in our laboratory, our petrol and diesel Emissions Reducers offer a simple way to bring down exhaust emissions to make sure your car gets through the emissions portion of the MOT.

How often do I use an Emissions Reducer?

Redex Emissions Reducer can be used as often as required to bring down your car’s emissions. With its powerful cleaning formula, it can remove even the toughest deposits from your fuel injectors, for better long-term performance and engine health.

Rather than using Emissions Reducer all the time, however, we’d recommend combining it with other fuel additives in the Redex range. For example, why not use our System Cleaner for everyday engine maintenance, supplementing this with our Emissions Reducer every month and before your car is due to take its MOT test.

For more information on our fuel additives range, click here, or get in touch with our experts if you need further help and advice.