Do you know the difference between a differential and a drive belt? How about where to find the throttle body and ABS control module? If you think you know your way around an engine, we want you to prove it by taking our How Well Do You Know Your Car Parts quiz.

We’ve put together 15 questions that will put your knowledge of cars to the test.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your thinking cap on and jump into the quiz below.

How Did You Do?

So, how did you get on? Did you manage to fire through the questions first time? Or did you have to tackle some of them a few times?

How Well Do Brits Really Know Their Cars?

Although we use them every day, a lot of us take our cars for granted. It’s easy to overlook just how incredible cars are, and forget about all the technology and moving parts that goes into getting from A to B.

In our 100-year history, we’ve seen some huge changes happening in the world of motoring, including the recent arrival of advanced hybrid and electric engines. The question is, do we still know what’s going on beneath the bonnet? Or are Brits keen to leave tweaks and repairs to the professionals?

As it happens, our recent research shows that Holts’ customers are more knowledgeable than we thought when it comes to cars, and enjoy tinkering under the bonnet. Even as vehicles get more and more advanced, drivers are eager to keep up with technology and understand the basics of fixing and repairing cars themselves.

And why not? After all, the internet has made it easier than ever to get information, help and advice on carrying out DIY car maintenance and repairs. Resources like the Holts blog provide loads of how-to guides for checking, fixing and repairing different areas of our cars.

Of course, there’s always a need for professional help, and mechanics continue to play a huge part in keeping drivers on the road. But we know that loads of you still like to get your hands dirty under the bonnet.

If you’re a driveway DIYer, you’ll love our collection of car maintenance products, including Tyreweld, Brake Cleaner and Gun Gum. For more information about our product range, visit the homepage today.