If you have a hole in the bend of your car’s exhaust, it can be fixed using the Gun Gum Easy Fit Metal Repair Bandage  with Gun Gum Paste. The bandage has been specially developed to fit around curved and bending pipes of the exhaust, to create a gas tight seal. Like all the products in the Gun Gum range, the Easy Fit Bandage can help you to repair your exhaust easily at home to keep your car running, and even help you pass your MOT.

The adjustable wrap is fully flexible, ensuring it can be fitted to bends of all shapes and sizes to help cover holes and damage on any part of the exhaust bend. Simply fit the bandage around the damaged area, ensuring it’s fitted as tightly as possible. You can then use the Gun Gum paste to seal any edges to make sure no gas escapes from your exhaust during driving.

Gun Gum Easy Fit Repair Bandage is a permanent repair for your exhaust which meets MOT standards and can be used easily at home. You don’t need to dismantle the exhaust, so it’s a cost-effective alternative to taking your car to a mechanic.

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