I have a classic car. Can I use Redex?

Yes, you can use Redex fuel additives in older cars as well as modern ones. At Redex, we evolve our technology to ensure our products are suitable for cars on the road today, and this includes older and classic cars.

All Redex products, including our petrol and diesel fuel additives, fully synthetic engine oil, and other maintenance fluids, are rigorously tested to ensure they’re safe for use in all engines and with all vehicle manufacturers. So, whether you drive a classic car from the 1960s or the 1990s, you can trust that our products will help contribute to a better drive and improved long-term engine health.

Find out more about using Redex products in your classic car below.

What Redex products are compatible with classic cars?

All Redex products can be safely used in older, vintage cars, and with a heritage dating back to the 1920s, you can rest assured that we know our stuff when it comes to taking care of your car’s engine.

Used regularly, our innovative fuel additives can contribute to improved engine health and efficiency. By cleaning your classic car’s fuel system from the inside, you can enjoy optimal performance and engine health – with our products capable of safely removing years of deposits from the fuel system’s injectors and fuel lines.

Elsewhere, we’d also recommend you consider using Redex Lead Replacement fuel additive if your car was designed to run on leaded petrol and you now use unleaded fuel. Our two-shot lead replacement product lubricates and protects soft valve seals, protecting them from damage, wear, and corrosion to keep your car’s original engine going for longer.

And to guarantee maximum engine protection and efficiency, it’s also worth making the switch to high-performance Redex engine oil. Lab-developed and fully synthetic, we offer a range of oils to suit a wide variety of engine classes. Use our oil finder to see if our oils are compatible with your classic car.

My car isn’t compatible with E10 fuel – can additives help?

Yes! Good news. Redex Petrol System Cleaner has been re-developed to provide an additional layer of protection to prevent corrosion from the increased ethanol content found in E10 Petrol.

This means that if you’ve got a vehicle manufactured before 2011, you can just add Redex Petrol System Cleaner in each tank and still use E10 Petrol safely. You’ll also get the additional benefits of reduced emissions, cleaned injectors, saving fuel and restored performance.

If you need more help and advice, take a look at our other related support guides below. Alternatively, visit the Redex classic car hub where you’ll find guides and features related to classic car maintenance.

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