What will happen to my fuel injectors if I don’t use fuel additives?

Over time, harmful deposits will build within the fuel injectors. This means that when the fuel injectors spray, they won’t release the optimum quantity of fuel with the correct spray pattern, leading to reduced efficiency, wasted fuel and impaired engine performance.

Redex fuel additives work to remove harmful deposits from within the fuel injectors, enabling them to function at peak performance. If left untreated, deposits will obstruct the injectors, resulting in inefficient fuel use and decreased MPG – so it’s important to remove them to ensure your fuel injectors remains in top condition for longer.

Redex’s specially developed petrol and diesel fuel system cleaners work immediately, removing harmful build-up without damaging your vehicle’s engine or fuel system. The ready to use formula mixes with your regular fuel before passing through the entire fuel system, removing deposits from the injectors to guarantee maximum efficiency.

To ensure your car’s fuel injectors are functioning at their best, add one to two shots of Redex to your car when you top up the tank.  Redex Fuel System Cleaners are available for both diesel and Petrol and suitable for all vehicles.

You can find out more information about how Redex works here.

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