How do I add Redex to my car?

How do I add Redex to my car?

Redex fuel additives are simple and easy to add to your car, requiring no mechanical expertise. Our advanced fuel additives and system cleaners are designed to work much like a fuel pump; each bottle features a long neck for easy pouring directly into your fuel tank, as well as a specially designed shape that makes it easy to add single or double shots of the product as required.

Adding Redex products to your car is an easy, stress-free process. Detach your vehicle’s fuel filler cap and remove the lid and protective seal from the Redex product. Then, insert the neck of the bottle directly into the fuel tank and add one to two shots of formula. That’s it – the solution will now work its way through the entire fuel system, removing harmful deposits to save fuel, reduce emissions and improve the all-round performance of your engine.

Whilst we’d recommend adding a shot of Redex each time you fill up, the product can be added at any time – provided your vehicle is adequately fuelled.

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