Fourth Week Advent Calendar Giveaways

December 24th

Tired of soggy sarnies and lukewarm water on long journeys? Enter today’s Advent giveaway, and you could be the proud owner of a mini refrigerator that fits easily into your car. Capable of keeping all of your food and refreshments cool on even the hottest days; the mini in-car fridge also has a warming function that’ll keep your tea, coffee or bacon butty warm on a cold winter’s morning.

Day 24 reveal

Fancy bagging yourself this top in-car gadget? Entering today’s prize giveaway couldn’t be easier; simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook) for your chance to win. And remember, all entries into our Advent calendar competition will be entered into Christmas Day’s grand prize draw.

Winter Driving Tip: Be careful when overtaking high-sided vehicles in strong winds; sudden gusts can easily catch you off-guard after you’ve passed.

December 23rd

During the run up to Christmas, it can be difficult to find time for menial chores amid the excitement of the season. Neglect to look after your car at this time of year however, and you could soon find the weather getting the better of you. To help make things easier, we’re giving away a can of de-icer and a bottle of screen wash as part of our Advent Calendar Competition — so you can take care of your car with ease.

Day 15 reveal

Both our Screen Wash and De-Icer have been carefully developed to the highest standard, offering complete performance and protection no matter what winter throws your way.

Fancy winning this great prize bundle? Enter our Advent Calendar Competition today by sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook). All entries will also be included in our Christmas Day grand prize draw, giving you more than one chance to win some great prizes.

Winter Driving Tip: When clearing snow or ice from your car, make sure all the lights are clean too before starting your journey.

December 22nd

Do you drive a Porsche? Or maybe you’re just in love with all things Porsche-related? Either way, we’re sure you’ll love today’s prize giveaway — an authentic replica of Porsche’s 918 RSR Spyder immortalised in handy memory stick form. With 8gb of storage available, this flash drive isn’t just cool, it’s practical too — allowing enough space to store all your digital bits and bobs.

Day 22 reveal

If you love Porsches or know someone that does, why not enter today’s Advent Calendar giveaway for your chance to bag this handy gift? Entering couldn’t be simpler — just share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook), and you’ll be entered into the prize draw. You’ll also be given the chance to win our Christmas Day grand prize, which will be announced in the New Year.

Bonus Festive Fact: The world’s first artificial Christmas trees were constructed using dyed goose feathers.

December 21st

Want to feel a bit more festive in your garage this winter? We’re giving away a Free case of Holts Brake Cleaner and a Brake Cleaner Flask, to spread some festive cheer and help you stay warm at work.

Day 5 reveal

Holts Brake Cleaner is a powerful degreaser with a 360ᵒ spray, so you can remove brake dust, grease and dirt from hard to reach places. It’s an essential product for any mechanic, and you can get a case for free this Christmas.

If you want to get your hands on a case of Holts Brake Cleaner for free, you’ll need to enter our Advent Calendar Competition. To do that simply share this page on Facebook or Twitter using the tag @HoltsAuto (Twitter) or @HoltsAutoUK (Facebook), and your name will be entered into today’s prize draw as well as the grand prize giveaway on Christmas Day.

Bonus Festive Fact: In Japan, KFC is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day. The fast food is so popular at Christmastime, people have to order over two months in advance!