Holts Tyreweld


Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair is designed to temporarily seal a puncture and get you back on the road without needing to change a tyre. With a specially designed formula, this all-in-one solution repairs and reinflates without damaging the tyre, so you can safely continue on your journey.

No one likes getting a flat tyre and attempting to change the wheel at the roadside can be dangerous and inconvenient. Tyreweld provides a simple solution, sealing and reinflating the tyre in a matter of minutes and allowing you to drive for up to 100 miles.

  • Quick and easy emergency puncture repair
  • No tools or jack needed
  • Gets you back on the road fast
  • No damage to tyre guaranteed
  • Drive up to 100 miles
  • Safe non-toxic formula
  • Washes out of tyres easily after use

no tools needed with tyreweld drive up to 100 miles with tyreweld no damage to the tyre with tyreweld washes out easily with tyreweld

Features and Benefits

Holts Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair is the quickest and most efficient way to fix a puncture at the roadside and requires no prior knowledge of replacing wheels or repairing flats.

Tyreweld features a water-based foam that circulates through the tyre to seal any punctures, and then the gas reinflates the wheel. The non-toxic foam can be washed away allowing the tyre to be repaired, something that not all tyre puncture repair kits offer.

Thanks to our unique twist actuator that allows you to switch on the can and leave it beside your vehicle whilst the tyre inflates, you can move away from passing traffic and to safety.

Tyreweld is a great alternative to a spare or space-saver tyre, and is small and lightweight enough to keep in your boot all year round.

Holts Tyreweld comes in three sizes to fit different tyre volumes. You can use our Tyre Finder tool to find your tyre size and the right Tyreweld for your vehicle.

Find your Tyreweld Size

How it Works

Tyreweld requires no jack, no tools, and no previous experience with changing or repairing a tyre. Simply attach Tyreweld to your wheel valve and switch it on. This allows the water-based foam to go directly into the tyre, and seal any punctures. Once the can is empty, simply remove from the tyre valve and continue driving at a maximum of 50mph, giving the solution time to circulate through the tyre. You can drive for up to 100 miles before getting the tyre professionally checked and repaired.

Take a look at our video below to learn more about how easy it is to use Holts Tyreweld to fix a puncture at the roadside.

Looking for further help and advice on using Holts Tyreweld? Visit our Tyreweld FAQs page, where we’ve answered a range of questions that relate to our emergency puncture repair product.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. Tyreweld, as with all temporary tyre repair products, should not be used on run flat tyres.

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Tyreweld causes no damage to tyres and can be easily cleaned out prior to a professional repair. However it might be that on inspecting your tyre, the repairer has found other damage which makes it unroadworthy. If this is the case, ask for details so you know why the tyre is being replaced. Read more about the legal requirements for safe tyres.

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Tyreweld is intended as an immediate and temporary solution to get you back on the road. After using Tyreweld you should ensure your tyre is permanently repaired, preferably by a mechanic.

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After using Tyreweld, you should drive to allow the foam to make it's way round the whole tyre and find the puncture. You will then need to repair the puncture permanently, and we'd recommend visiting a garage for this as they'll check to make sure the tyre's safe, legal and roadworthy. The Tyreweld foam will wash out easily allowing the mechanic to carry out his repairs.

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Holts Tyreweld is available in stores nationwide, including large national retailers and supermarkets. Visit our Where to Buy page for more information.

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