Holts Maintenance Spray

Holts Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray is a multi-use lubricant and release spray that instantly penetrates seized parts, to reduce friction, restore movement or aid removal. Whether it’s a rusted nut or an over tightened bolt that won’t move, simply spray on to penetrate and release seized and corroded parts.

  • Cleans, lubricates and protects
  • Drives out moisture
  • 360° spray
  • Thousands of uses in the workshop, trade setting and home, including:
    • Releasing rusted nuts and bolts
    • Lubricating and protecting tools
    • Unseizing joints and hinges
    • Lubricating moving parts
    • Loosening rusted parts

Simply spray on to the part and leave to work. The spray will act quickly to loosen it, even if it’s rusted. Holts Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray leaves behind a protective lubricating film, preventing future wear and corrosion.

6x500ml HMTN0401A

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