What is Firegum?

Holts Firegum is an exhaust assembly paste specially developed to give you gas-tight seals in joints where the fit is poor, or the gasket has failed.

It’s quick and easy to use for fast assembly, making it perfect for home exhaust replacements.

This is a professional quality product providing a permanent solution that resists heat and vibrations.

Assembling your own exhaust can save you money and help you fix problems with noise or leaking exhaust gases. Your engine will work more efficiently, and it can be done at home in minutes. And with the help of Holts Firegum, you’ll get a permanent fit that’s every bit as reliable as a professional repair.

  • Resists vibration
  • Permanent seal guaranteed
  • Quick and easy to use

Tip – Need to repair a small hole or crack in your exhaust? Perhaps you’ve noticed a loud noise and suspect that your exhaust is leaking? Rather than buying new replacement parts, try the Holts range of exhaust repair products.

Features and Benefits

Do you need to replace part or all of your exhaust assembly? While you could take your car to a garage, replacing exhaust components is something you can do at home with the right tools and knowledge – and this will work out much more affordable than a professional repair.

When assembling a new exhaust or adding replacement parts to an existing system, you need an adhesive that will offer outstanding heat and vibration protection. Holts Firegum provides a durable, gas-tight seal to help you achieve a permanent repair.

Easy to apply, Firegum can be used for a range of exhaust repair jobs. Whether you’re resealing an old system or building a new assembly from scratch; you’ll get fantastic results that you can trust will go the distance.

Firegum is also available for professional use and larger jobs as Holts Exhaust Assembly Paste.

How it Works

Supplied in a handy tube, Holts Firegum is easy to apply to your exhaust assembly. Simply use it on all exhaust assembly joints or wherever you have a loose connection, and you’ll get a strong, permanent seal that resists vibration, protects against heat, and helps reduce rattle and other noises which can come as a result of loose exhaust components.

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