What is Spray Grease?

Wherever there are moving parts on a vehicle there will always be the potential for wear if not adequately lubricated. Metal-to-metal components exposed to the elements can easily corrode, generating more friction, leading to premature failure.

Holts Spray Grease is a handy, no mess aerosol designed by professionals, for professionals.  With a directional nozzle for precise application in hard to reach places, it’s easy to use by professionals and car enthusiasts alike. Holts use high performance lithium grease with ultra-high cling that protects moving parts, eliminates corrosion and resists water. Holts Spray Grease is highly durable and works at temperatures from -20°C to +140°C

  • Reduces friction
  • Non-drip
  • Reduces wear
  • Anti-rust

Squeaky door hinges, rusted bonnet catches and seat rails? Problem solved with Holts Professional Spray Grease!

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