Take Our Quiz: What Kind Of Car Are You?

sport car fast run under a desert sunset 3d rendering

In days gone by, a car was just a car — four wheels, four doors, an engine and a steering wheel. Now, however, there are loads of different cars on the road, from colossal 4x4s and sporty coupes, to fully electric hatchbacks and dinky city cars.

Unlike ever before, the car you choose says a lot about your character and personality. Buy a sporty saloon, for instance, and you’ll appear powerful and wealthy; buy a small city car and you’ll come across as young and fun loving.

 The question is — what kind of car are you?

To find out, we’ve created this fun personality quiz that looks to find out what car you are based on your favourite type of movies, music and fast food, as well as your sense of style and your idea of the perfect weekend.

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