Car exhaust with smokeA lot of people believe that it’s impossible to fix your own car at home, thanks to all the new electrical components in vehicles today. But actually, there are still bits of your car which can be fixed by hand, either by you or a mechanic.

If you want to save some money on costly repairs or you’re simply the kind of person who likes to have a go at something yourself, then you’re in the right place. Holts’ philosophy has always been about helping drivers to fix their own cars and keep them on the road.

Fixing holes in your exhaust

Damage to your exhaust can cause a range of problems. You might simply notice an increase in the amount of fuel you’re using (wasting fuel and money) but if fumes escape into the wrong place they can cause damage to other parts or get into the car’s cabin. Here’s some information on how to use Gun Gum to fix your exhaust.

Firstly, wait for your car to cool down then locate the hole or damage and clear and debris from the area. You should select the recommended Gun Gum accessory and use it with the paste for best results.

You can also just use the Gun Gum putty on its own for smaller holes. Always wear gloves, and apply it either with a spatula or with your finger. Spread the paste over the damaged area, pressing firmly. The paste will dry over night, or you can speed it up by running the engine. You can also use the paste as an adhesive to fit a Gun Gum bandage to your exhaust if you need to repair a larger area.

Jonathan Fry, from Jonathan Fry Automotive, said “I carry Holts Gun Gum in stock and have used it for many years for small exhaust repairs. The secret is in the preparation! Once the surface of the exhaust system has been prepared which only takes a couple of minutes then the product is applied quickly and the vehicle is back in use in a few minutes.”

Gun Gum will form a permanent, gas tight seal which will last the lifetime of your exhaust. It’s guaranteed to meet MOT standards and it costs just a few pounds, so if you’re looking for a way to save money and do your own repairs it really is the best option.

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Written by Bruce Ellis