Man checking his tyre

My mechanic said they can’t repair my tyre after using Tyreweld, why?

Tyreweld causes no damage to tyres and can be easily cleaned out prior to a professional repair. However it might be that on inspecting your tyre, the repairer has found other damage which makes it unroadworthy. If this is the case, ask for details so you know why the tyre is being replaced. Read more about the legal requirements for safe tyres.

Radweld Radiator Cooling System Leak Repair

If I use Radweld will I have to replace my radiator later?

Radweld permanently fixes leaks without damaging your radiator, so you can simply pour and go and feel confident that your radiator’s repaired. While Radweld has anti-corrosive properties, we can’t guarantee that your radiator will never need replacing, as there could be unrelated problems further down the line.

Holts Radweld 250ml

Where can I buy Radweld?

Radweld is available in stores across the UK, including large DIY shops and specialist retailers such as motor factors. Where to Buy lists stockists and retailers in your area.

flat tyre

Is Tyreweld a permanent repair?

Tyreweld is intended as an immediate and temporary solution to get you back on the road. After using Tyreweld you should ensure your tyre is permanently repaired, by a trained professional mechanic.

Wondarweld Leak Repair

Where do I add Wondarweld to my car?

You pour Wondarweld into the cylinder head outlet. Never pour Wondarweld into oil. Before using Wondarweld, there are important steps that you should take. You need to empty and flush the entire cooling system with plenty of water. Then remove the top hose from the cylinder head outlet and the thermostat. Replace these after you’ve added Wondarweld.