Your Gun Gum FAQs Answered

Is your exhaust making an unusual noise? Chances are, there’s a hole in it. The good news is, fixing an exhaust is no longer the expense it once was, with the Holts Gun Gum exhaust repair solution allowing you to fix small holes and cracks without the need for a full exhaust replacement.

If you suspect a small hole or crack could be the issue with your exhaust, learn more about Holts Gun Gum below.

How do I fix a hole in my exhaust?

Holts Gun Gum is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fix small holes and cracks. This specialist exhaust repair system provides a permanent, gas-tight seal for holes and cracks along the entire length of the exhaust assembly, so you don’t need to replace any parts or components.

Using Holts Gun Gum is simple, and the job can be done at home by DIYers who can safely access their car’s undercarriage (with a jack or car lifting kit). You’ll need a tub of Holts Gun Gum Paste and the right Gun Gum bandage to perform the repair – more on this later.

Can you fix a hole in your exhaust?

This depends on the size of the hole and where it’s located on the exhaust assembly, as well as the exhaust’s general condition. For larger holes and cracks, holes in hard-to-reach areas, or when the exhaust is heavily corroded, you might need a professional repair or replacement.

Does Gun Gum work to repair a hole in an exhaust?

Yes, Holts Gun Gum is designed to fix small holes in your exhaust, up to 20mm in size. You can also fix holes on straight and curved pipe, back boxes, DPFs, and catalytic converters. Just make sure you buy the right accessory for your problem area.

Does Gun Gum work to fix a cracked exhaust?

Yes, Holts Gun Gum is ideal for fixing cracked exhausts, provided the damaged part is in reasonable condition and is still fully attached. You can use Gun Gum to fix cracks on straight and curved pipes, DPFs, back boxes, and catalytic converters, with a permanent repair guaranteed.

How do I use Gun Gum to repair a hole in an exhaust?

Using Holts Gun Gum to repair your exhaust is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to get the job done:

  1. Jack up the car to safely access the exhaust – you’ll need a jack or lifting kit to access your car’s undercarriage, and we’d also recommend a vehicle creeper to make getting in and out easier.
  2. Locate and inspect the damaged area – find the hole or crack and inspect it. How big is it? Where is it? And what is the area around it like? If it’s too big, in an awkward place, or there’s severe rust and corrosion around the area, you might need to take your car to a professional. If not, and the hole or crack looks repairable, you can continue to the next step.
  3. Choose the right Gun Gum accessory – for the Gun Gum system to work, you need the right repair accessory. There are four different solutions to choose from depending on where the hole or crack is, so make sure you get the one that corresponds best to your problem area. And remember, you also need a tub of Gun Gum Paste, which helps the repair accessory bond to the exhaust.
  4. Clean around the hole and remove loose dirt and rust – the Gun Gum Paste needs a clean, debris-free surface to stick to and ensure a gas-tight seal.
  5. Apply the Gun Gum Paste – using the spatula provided, apply half the Gun Gum Paste to the area around the hole or crack.
  6. Fit the bandage accessory – fit the bandage around the affected area, ensuring that the hole or crack is at the centre. Fix into place using the flat-head screw fitted to the bandage.
  7. Apply more Gun Gum Paste – seal the edges of the repair bandage with the remaining Gun Gum Paste, ensuring that all exposed edges are covered.
  8. Leave overnight to harden or run the engine slowly to speed up drying time – you need to leave the Paste to harden before you continue using your car. Avoid racing the engine, as this could hamper the drying process.

There’s a hole in the bend of my exhaust – how can I fix it?

If you have a hole in the bend of your car’s exhaust, it can be fixed using the Gun Gum Easy Fit Metal Repair Bandage with Gun Gum Paste. The bandage has been specially developed to fit around curved and bending pipes of the exhaust, to create a gas-tight seal. Like all the products in the Gun Gum range, the Easy Fit Bandage can help you to repair your exhaust easily at home to keep your car running, and even help you pass your MOT.

The adjustable wrap is fully flexible, ensuring it can be fitted to bends of all shapes and sizes to help cover holes and damage on any part of the exhaust bend. Simply fit the bandage around the damaged area, ensuring it’s fitted as tightly as possible. You can then use the Gun Gum Paste to seal any edges to make sure no gas escapes from your exhaust during driving.

Gun Gum Easy Fit Repair Bandage is a permanent repair for your exhaust that meets MOT standards and can be used easily at home. You don’t need to dismantle the exhaust, so it’s a cost-effective alternative to taking your car to a mechanic.

For more information about Holts Gun Gum and other products in our DIY car maintenance range, click here.