Interior Cleaning with Simoniz

Welcome to the Simoniz interior cleaning hub, where you’ll find help, advice, and essential products for caring for your car’s interior. With a complete range of award-winning interior car cleaning products and expert guidance from our team of specialists, this is the place to learn how to look after your car from the inside out. 

Interior car cleaning can be surprisingly tricky. With a mix of materials and surfaces to contend with and no shortage of awkward nooks and crannies, it’s no wonder many of us neglect to clean the inside of our cars as often as we should.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Simoniz, we’ve developed a range of trusted cleaning products that make caring for your car’s interior simple – including carpets, seats, trim, glass and other surfaces inside the cabin.

You’ll find our full product range and essential interior car cleaning guides below.

Upholstery, Carpets and Leather

Your car’s seats, carpets and trim are subject to their fair share of daily wear and tear, so keeping them looking and smelling their best is important. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a leather car interior, it’s even more important to keep this luxury material clean and well maintained.

Simoniz has a range of unique products that are perfect for cleaning soft materials such as upholstery and leather inside your car. From our Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner with its handy brush-head applicator to our high-quality Conditioning Leather Cream, taking care of those all-important upholstered surfaces has never been easier.

man cleaning his car seats

Looking for help and advice on cleaning car upholstery and leather? No problem. We know that sprucing up carpets and seat fibres can be difficult, so our experts have created a series of guides on how to tackle these stubborn areas of your car’s cabin.

Whether it’s removing stains, tackling embedded crumbs, or conditioning leather, our specialists have offered some top tips on looking after your car’s soft furnishings below.

Woman valeting her car

Dashboard, Trim and Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces inside your car, including the dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick and door handles, are prone to marks, dust, and fingerprints. Add to that the increased need to stop germs and bacteria in their tracks, and cleaning these kinds of surfaces regularly is essential.

Nothing complements the feel of a just-washed car quite like a fresh, clean, and shiny dashboard. So, to help you keep those fingerprints and germs at bay, Simoniz has a wide range of interior car products that are designed for making light work of cleaning hard surfaces and plastic trim.

Whether you’re looking for a Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner that promises easy everyday cleaning or a more specialised Matt Dash Cleaner that’s designed for specific surfaces; we can help you take care of those hard interior surfaces like a pro.

Does it feel like you’re constantly battling fingerprints, dust, and dirty marks on your car’s dashboard? Then perhaps you’re using the wrong products or techniques.

To help you stay on top of those hard interior surfaces, we have a range of easy-to-follow guides for cleaning dashboards, steering wheels, gear sticks and door handles. Perfect for tackling day-to-day dirt and grime, we’ll also show you how to tackle bacteria and germs lurking in your car’s cabin.

We hope our interior cleaning hub helps you pick up some hints and tips on how to look after the inside of your car. Finished with the inside? Visit our exterior cleaning page for everything you need to restore your car’s paintwork to its just-bought best.