Simoniz Tar, Sap & Glue Remover

Simoniz Tar, Sap & Glue Remover is a specialist cleaner for removing tough deposits and sticky residue from your car’s paintwork. Dissolving tough, sticky deposits such as tar, sap and glue, the product is safe to use on a range of surfaces, so you can use it on your car or for cleaning jobs around the home and garden.

Years of Simoniz know-how have gone into every can of our Tar, Sap & Glue Remover, so you’re guaranteed effective cleaning and a great finish. Just spray on any sticky residue to lift stains and deposits, all without any scrubbing or abrasive action.

  • Dissolves tar and adhesive residue
  • Removes stubborn tree sap deposits
  • Use on vehicles and around the home

Features and Benefits

There are times when cleaning your car when shampoo isn’t enough. Whether you’ve been parked beneath a tree or have come into contact with tar and other sticky residue from the road; sometimes only a tough cleaner will get the job done.

Stubborn stains like tar and sap from trees are damaging to your car’s paintwork, but for some they are unavoidable. If you live in an area with lots of trees, in particular, you will suffer from these types of stains, so you need a strong product to remove them quickly, without damaging the paintwork.

And it isn’t just your car that can benefit from the cleaning power of Simoniz Tar, Sap & Glue Remover. Whether it’s sticky marks on windows or tree sap on garden furniture; our innovative residue cleaner is safe to use for a wide range of applications around the house and garden, so nothing will stand in the way of your regular spring clean.

How it Works

Simoniz Tar, Sap & Glue Remover has been specially developed to lift sticky and adhesive dirt, dissolving materials to make them easier to remove. There’s no scrubbing or elbow grease required – just spray on, leave the product to work, and wipe the mess away.

Developed in-house by our team of expert chemists, Simoniz Tar, Sap & Glue Remover is designed to be gentle on paintwork and surfaces but tough on stains and deposits. The product lifts and dissolves sticky materials, making it easy to remove them with a damp cloth or sponge.

Supplied as an easy-to-use spray, Tar, Sap & Glue Remover can be applied directly to adhesive residue, or onto a cloth if you’d prefer. Simply spray on, leave to work for a minute or two, and you should find sap, glue, and other deposits much easier to remove.

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