Simoniz Original Wax

Simoniz Original Wax needs no introduction. For over 100 years, our award-winning car wax has been helping motorists protect their paintwork, delivering outstanding results and long-lasting protection and shine.

Supplied in a now-famous gold tin, Simoniz Original Wax is a hard paste car wax with added carnauba, which guarantees a deep, long-lasting shine. And thanks to our carefully developed formula, your car will stay looking its best for up to 12 months – such is the power and durability of our beloved Original Wax.

  • Guaranteed long-lasting protection
  • Paste wax with natural carnauba wax
  • Brilliant shine
  • Auto Express award winner

Find out more about the benefits and features of Simoniz Original Wax below.

Features and Benefits

Since 1910, Simoniz Original Wax has helped thousands of drivers protect their paintwork, bringing lasting shine and durability.

Our classic paste wax has been trusted for decades and still wins awards today, thanks to its powerful protective properties and high-quality finish.

True to our original formula, Simoniz Original Wax has been developed to handle the effects of modern driving.

Take some time to apply Simoniz Original Wax and your car will be protected for up to 12 months, even in between washes.

The coat will prevent damage from deposits and scratches, so it’s easy for you to keep your car looking clean and shiny for longer.

Applying a regular coat of car wax is essential for protecting your car’s paintwork, and we’d recommend a new coat every 6-12 months depending on how often you drive.

Simoniz Original Wax guarantees maximum protection for your car for up to 12 months, protecting against everything from tree sap and dirt to road salt and bird droppings.

If you’re looking for professional results, Simoniz Original Wax delivers.

Easy to apply, the product leaves a first-rate finish on all paint colours, with a deep shine and outstanding lustre.

How it Works

Applying Simoniz Original Wax is simple, and our customers have been using the same method for decades.

You’ll need a good quality applicator pad as well as a microfibre cloth for buffing, both of which should be clean and dry before you start the application process.

Ensuring that your car is cool, apply to a small area and buff to reveal a beautiful, deep, glossy shine. Don’t allow the wax to set or it could become difficult to remove.

Take a look at our video guide below to learn how to apply Simoniz Original Wax like a professional.

Need further help and advice on using Simoniz Original Wax? Visit our Simoniz Original Wax FAQs page, where we’ve answered your commonly asked questions about our award-winning car wax.

Frequently Asked Questions


Simoniz Original Wax is a hard, durable wax which can last up to 12 months.

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Carnauba wax comes from Brazil, and is naturally derived from palm leaves. It's known for its hardness and resistance to high temperatures and produces a deep, glossy long-lasting finish. Carnauba wax is insoluble in water so will prtect your car in all weather conditions, even after washing. Simoniz Original Wax contains carnauba and a single application can last up to 12 months.

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If the scratches are very fine, then you can try polishing. Wash and dry your car first, then apply Simoniz Colour Restorer Polish, using a special Simoniz Microfibre Polishing Cloth. Work the polish into the affected area using a circular motion. Work on small areas and leave to dry just to a haze and then buff to a shine. Using a Simoniz Wax after polishing will protect your paintwork from further damage. If the scratches are larger, deeper and more visible, you will most likely need to respray the area.

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Resin from trees, bird deposits and road dirt can all harm your paintwork. Where possible, avoid parking under trees. To create a protective layer between your car's exterior and the environment, apply a good quality wax such as Simoniz Original Wax.

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You can shampoo your car as often as you need to, and this will vary depending on how often you drive and if you drive on muddy roads, for example. Applying wax between washes will help to protect your car's exterior from harmful dirt and environmental damage, and keep it looking shiny for longer.

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Simoniz car care products are sold in supermarkets and retailers across the UK. You can find out more on our Where to Buy page, and view stores in your area.

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