Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover

Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover can be used on all exterior surfaces to soften and lift baked-on insects and bird droppings.

It contains active ingredients, which penetrate quickly to soften stubborn insect deposits and bird droppings. The powerful formula can also be used to remove general road grime and dirt, prior to washing.

Stubborn dirt and deposits can cause lasting damage to paintwork if you leave them. Using Insect & Bird Dropping Remover will remove them quickly and easily. Spray it on and let it soften the dirt, then remove the marks with a sponge and rinse.

It’ll get rid of the marks without damaging the paintwork.

  • Powerful, fast-acting formula
  • Softens & lifts baked-on dirt
  • Use on all exterior surfaces including glass
  • Rinses off easily
  • Will not damage paintwork

Features and Benefits

Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover is specially developed to make light work of tough stains and dirt, particularly those caused by bird droppings, anddead bugs. These types of deposits can be hard to remove with standard car shampoos and cleaners, and you risk permanent damage by leaving them to sit on the paintwork for extended periods.

At Simoniz, our mission is to make taking care of your car as easy as possible. That’s why, with our Insect & Bird Dropping Remover, you can remove stubborn dirt in just one application. No scrubbing and no risk of damage. Just effortless cleaning that guarantees great results in minutes.

Removing bird poo, dead insects, and other baked-on deposits like tree sap from your car can be tricky. With Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover, we’ve created an effective cleaner that dissolves and lifts dirt without being harsh on your car’s paintwork.

How it Works

Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover removes dead flies, bird droppings and general road grime by dissolving dirt and making it easier to wipe off without scrubbing. Sprayed directly onto the affected area, the cleaner dissolves and loosens dirt, so you can gently remove it with a sponge and get on with the task of cleaning your car.

For the best results when using Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover, spray the product liberally onto dried-on deposits and leave it to work for 3-5 minutes. In that time, it will dissolve and break down the dirt, so you can wipe it off with a sponge before rinsing the area.

Easy to rinse off, the product is safe to use on all exterior surfaces, including glass. And since it won’t damage your vehicle’s paintwork, it’s a much safer way to remove stubborn dirt and deposits, with no scrubbing or scraping required.

Where to Buy

Thanks to its fast-acting formula, Simoniz Insect & Bird Dropping Remover is an essential product to have in your car-cleaning kit for when bird droppings anddead insects threaten the look of your car’s exterior.

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