Simoniz Iron Active Wheel Cleaner

Transform your wheels in minutes

  • Actively changes colour as it cleans
  • Removes baked on brake dust and iron contaminates, quickly and easily
  • Pre-wash bodywork fall out remover – Safe on bodywork too
  • Acid-Free and safe for all wheel types, including lacquered, painted and chromed

Simoniz Iron Active Wheel Cleaner actively changes colour as it cleans alloys, to remove dirt, marks and stubborn brake dust easily.

It is a non-aggressive, acid-free wheel cleaner that reacts with contaminating irons and changes colour to indicate when it is ready to be agitated and washed off.

Our new multi-use Iron Active, can also be used on bodywork as a pre-wash fall out remover to highlight contaminates on the bodywork and to help you clean your car more quickly.

How to use:

Spray on Iron Active Wheel Cleaner to alloys and watch it actively change colour as it cleans. If the dirt’s really tough, agitate it with a wheel brush. It’s acid free so safe to use on all wheels. You can also use it on bodywork as a fall out remover before shampooing.



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