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If you want your car to stand out and stay looking its shiny, showroom best – cleaning and restoring the tyres, alloys, bumpers, and trim should be a regular part of your car care routine. Remember, it’s all in the detail, and the appearance of different surfaces around your car can impact the overall look.

Of course, cleaning your car’s wheels and bumpers isn’t just about aesthetics. Caring for alloy wheels, in particular, can help to prevent long-term corrosion, while maintaining rubber and plastic trim can reduce the risk of fading, colour loss and oxidation.

Not sure where to start when it comes to caring for your car’s wheels, tyres, and bumpers? Simoniz has you covered. We’ve gathered all our tyre, wheel, and bumper cleaners together on one page, so you can quickly find the products you need. And to make sure your hard work pays off, we’ve also included a series of expert guides on how to care for alloys, bumpers, tyres, and trim like a pro.

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At Simoniz, we’re all about the finer details. That’s why we’ve developed a full range of car care products for treating tyres, trim, and alloy wheels, so you can get great results from boot to bonnet.

Our range of wheel, tyre and bumper products have all the cleaning power you’ve come to expect from Simoniz. Capable of cutting through the toughest grime and deposits, including brake dust, they also condition materials like rubber and hard plastic – restoring that silky black finish that can make your car stand out.

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Expert Wheel, Tyre and Bumper Care Guides

Ever wondered how professional car valeters achieve such impressive results? The secret lies in clean, shiny wheels and tyres.

When your tyres and alloys appear faded, this can impact the overall look of your car. And as for bumpers, even if they’re kept clean, they might not appear their best if the plastic is faded and grey looking.

If you want great results each time you wash and clean your car, you need to take care of tricky surfaces such as alloys, tyres, and trim. The good news is, our experts have put together a series of guides showing you how to do just that – so you can always be sure your car looks its showroom best.

Take a look at our complete range of wheel, tyre, and bumper care guides below.

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