What is Back to Black Tyre Shine?

The Back to Black range from Simoniz has been specially developed so that you can achieve a showroom finish on your driveway. If you take pride in your car, washing and waxing it regularly, you don’t want your tyres to let you down.

Back to Black Tyre Shine is a high performance tyre polish developed to restore your tyres’ finish, bringing out the original black and removing scuff marks.

  • Guaranteed to restore, protect and shine
  • Durable gloss finish
  • Long lasting results
  • Easy to use spray
  • Auto Express award winner


It gives your tyres a long lasting gloss finish, to make them shine like new.

Back to Black Tyre Shine is part of our Bumper and Tyre range, specially formulated in the lab and tested on the road to bring you long lasting gloss and shine for your whole car. It’s an easy to use aerosol which fits in easily as part of your car care routine.


What the experts say…

Phil Carruthers Holts

“Keep an old sponge specifically for cleaning your tyres and use the same shampoo used to wash the bodywork. Applying Simoniz Back to Back Tyre Shine to clean, dry tyres will finish the job in seconds and protect your tyres in all weather conditions.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist for Simoniz Products

Frequently Asked Questions


Simoniz car care products are sold in supermarkets and retailers across the UK. You can find out more on our Where to Buy page, and view stores in your area.

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You can shampoo your car as often as you need to, and this will vary depending on how often you drive and if you drive on muddy roads, for example. Applying wax between washes will help to protect your car's exterior from harmful dirt and environmental damage, and keep it looking shiny for longer.

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