About Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner

Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner is a specially formulated window and headlight cleaner, developed in the lab and tested on the road to give you the best view possible.

  • Guaranteed high visibility
  • Streak free finish
  • Can be used on interior and exterior glass
  • Quick and easy to use




A clear view is crucial for safer driving, and at Simoniz we care about cars but also about the people in them. Deposits and streaks on your windscreen can reduce visibility and cause dangerous sun dazzle. Our Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner guarantees high visibility and a streak free finish so you see nothing but the road ahead.

Simoniz Glass Cleaner is multi-functional and can also be used in the home to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Since we started producing our Original Wax in America in 1910, we have constantly sought out new ways to help people care for their motors. We believe that cars should shine from top to bottom, and that glass should be clean, streak free and safe. We believe that this dedication to quality makes Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner the best choice for drivers.



What the experts say…

Phil Carruthers Holts

“For internal glass, spray directly onto a cloth or good quality kitchen roll. Use a circular motion to remove dirt and quickly dry the area with a separate dry, clean cloth or paper towel. To remove flies and bird droppings, cover with a cloth or paper towel and spray liberally with Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner leave for a few moments. The cloth absorbs the formula and soaks the dirt, making it easy to remove.”

Phil Carruthers, Chemist for Simoniz Products


Frequently Asked Questions


It's important to keep your car's windows clean for safety. Interior or exterior smears on glass can be distracting, reduce visibility and create dangerous sun dazzle. Simoniz Glass Cleaner removes dirt from all glass surfaces including mirrors and headllights without smearing, helping to keep you safe while driving. For those hard to reach areas where the windscreen meets the dashboard, spray Simoniz Glass Cleaner onto a clean cloth or paper towel before cleaning.

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You can shampoo your car as often as you need to, and this will vary depending on how often you drive and if you drive on muddy roads, for example. Applying wax between washes will help to protect your car's exterior from harmful dirt and environmental damage, and keep it looking shiny for longer.

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Simoniz car care products are sold in supermarkets and retailers across the UK. You can find out more on our Where to Buy page, and view stores in your area.

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