Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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Simoniz Ultracare Wheel Cleaner is a powerful car wheel cleaner that uses a unique acid-free formula to clean alloys quickly with no corrosive effects.

If you want to look after your alloys, Simoniz Ultracare Wheel Cleaner is the product to reach for. Ideal for restoring wheels to their just-bought best, the product can be safely used as part of your regular wash cycle.

  • Dissolves baked-on brake dust fast and road grime
  • Acid-free and non-corrosive
  • Can be used on all wheel types, including lacquered, painted, and chromed

Features and Benefits

Unlike other cleaners, Ultracare Alloy Cleaner spray is acid-free, so even if your alloys are scuffed or damaged, the cleaner won’t corrode them or cause any harm.

In fact, it’s gentle enough for regular weekly or fortnightly use, so be sure to add it to your regular car wash regime.

Car wheels can take a real hammering out on the road, with dirt, salt and brake dust constantly covering them in a layer of grime.

Left unchecked, this grime can build up, causing stubborn staining, corrosion and pitting of the alloy wheel itself.

Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner was developed to be tough on dirt and grime but not on your alloy wheels.

The powerful, cleaning formula can power through even the toughest stains and marks, working to leave your alloy wheels clean, shiny, and free from brake dust and deposits.

Considered one of the best alloy wheel cleaners on the market, Simoniz Ultracare features an easy-to-use trigger applicator, ideal for quickly applying the product to your wheels.

After cleaning, we’d recommend finishing with Simoniz Back to Black Tyre and Trim, which is designed to give your tyres a wet-look shine.

How it Works

To remove brake dust, grime and tough dirt from scuffed alloys, spray Ultracare Alloy Cleaner all over them and let it soak in for a minute or two, but don’t let it dry.

Use a wheel brush to agitate any really stubborn dirt or stains, and then rinse the wheels.

Ultracare Wheel Cleaner powers through dirt and grime, lifting stains and deposits without damaging the surface of your alloy wheels. Always leave the product to work for 2-3 minutes before rinsing, as this guarantees the best results.

To see Simoniz Ultracare Wheel Cleaner in action, take a look at our video guide below.

Need further help and advice on using Simoniz Ultracare Wheel Cleaner? Read our in-depth guide to caring for wheels and tyres here.

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