Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner

Transform your wheels in minutes


Simoniz Ultracare Wheel Cleaner is a powerful car wheel cleaner which uses a unique acid free formula to clean alloys quickly with no corrosive effects. Ultracare Wheel Cleaner can be used on all alloys, and its acid-free, non-corrosive formula removes dirt quickly without damaging them.

  • Dissolves baked on brake dust fast and road grime
  • Acid free and non-corrosive
  • Can be used on all wheel types, including lacquered, painted and chromed.

Finish with Back to Black Tyre and Trim

Unlike other cleaners, Ultracare alloy cleaner spray is acid free, so even if your alloys are scuffed or damaged the cleaner won’t corrode them or cause any harm.

To remove brake dust, grime and tough dirt from even scuffed alloys, spray Ultracare Alloy Cleaner all over them and let it soak in for a minute or two, but don’t let it dry. Use a wheel brush to agitate any really stubborn dirt or stains, and then rinse the wheels.

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