Exterior Cleaning with Simoniz

Looking for advice and products for cleaning your car’s exterior? You’re in the right place. Featured here on the Simoniz exterior cleaning hub, you’ll find help, advice and must-have products for cleaning the outside of your car like a pro.

Exterior car cleaning isn’t hard, but there’s a knack to achieving great results. Using the right products is important too, as you risk damaging the paintwork by relying on unsuitable or inferior cleaners.

At Simoniz, we’ve been helping motorists take care of their cars inside and out for over 100 years. And it’s this experience and heritage that goes into all our exterior car cleaning products, not to mention our extensive archive of expert car care guides.

To help you achieve showroom-worthy results when cleaning the outside of your car, we’ve gathered all our exterior cleaning products and guides into one place. So, whether you’re a new car owner or have recently switched to DIY car washing, you’ll find all the help and resources you need right here.

Car Shampooing and Cleaning

With the right tools, products, and know-how, washing your car with quality car shampoo is easy. But if you want to go that extra mile and ensure your car is the shiniest on the street, there are a few things to note that will help your car stand out from the rest.

Simoniz has a range of hardworking products that guarantee great results for your car’s paintwork. Whether you’re looking for that go-to car shampoo, something for removing tough stains and dirt, or a product to speed up the weekly wash; our exterior cleaning range has everything you need to achieve that showroom shine.

And don’t forget, cleaning your car regularly isn’t all about looks. By regularly washing your car’s exterior with Simoniz products, you can help to protect the paintwork from corrosion and rust – preserving its resale value while guaranteeing a deep, long-lasting shine.

Explore our full range of exterior cleaners below.

washing car using shampoo
simoniz waterless wash and wax
simoniz insect and bird dropping remover
simoniz clear vision glass cleaner
simoniz mixra glass cleaner
simoniz tar, sap and glue remover
simoniz multi use pressure washer fluid
simoniz glass wipes
Powerwashing your car

Exterior Car Cleaning Guides, Features and Resources

Cleaning your car’s exterior can take either a few minutes or an hour or two depending on the effort you put in and the results you want to achieve. At Simoniz, we know that not everyone has the time or the inclination to spend hours detailing their car’s exterior, which is why our expert guides offer tips and advice for every type of car owner.

Whether you’re obsessed with achieving that just-bought shine or cleaning your car is more of a weekly chore, our library of exterior cleaning guides has something for everyone. From fast waterless washing to advanced paintwork detailing, you’ll find a selection of our must-read exterior car cleaning guides featured below.

Benefits of Waterless Car Wash

Strapped for time? A waterless car wash is easier than you think.

How to Clean Exterior Glass

Streaks ruining your visibility? Learn how to clean exterior glass like a pro.

Get More from Your Car Wash

Want professional results when you wash your car? Right this way…

Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring cleaning your car should be a yearly ritual – and here’s why!

Should I Clean My Car in Winter?

You may not feel like cleaning your car in winter, but our guide shows you why it’s important.

Summer Dirt: The Worst Offenders

From bugs to bird droppings, here’s everything that can ruin your car’s paintwork in the summer.

Areas of a Car You Shouldn't Forget to Clean

It’s easy to neglect certain parts of your car – but which areas are most likely to be missed?

How to Ruin Your Car's Paintwork

Neglect to clean your car regularly? You could be well on the way to ruining its paintwork.

We hope our exterior cleaning hub helps you pick up some tips and advice on how to look after the outside of your car. Finished with the exterior? Visit our interior cleaning page for everything you need to make sure the inside of your car looks and feels as good as the outside.