10 Simple Hacks to Customise Your Car

Tired of driving the same old car? Maybe your car’s interior doesn’t excite you like it once did? Whatever the problem, if you aren’t inspired to get behind the wheel, then it could be time for a change or two.

Customising your car’s interior is a great way to improve how your car looks and feels out on the road. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your car just yet, making simple changes to the cabin can give you a whole new look, so you can feel good about getting behind the wheel.

Here, we look at 10 simple ways to customise the interior of your car – from seat covers to in-car infotainment.

1. Seat Covers

Nothing can make a car look more humdrum than boring old threadbare seats. So, if you want to give your interior a notable facelift, covering your seats is a good place to start. There are loads of seat cover designs, colours and materials out there, so you’ve got plenty of choice depending on the look you’re after. We’d always recommend getting covers specific to your car, because they’ll look and fit better. Sites like eBay are a good place to start, and let you input your reg number to see accessories for your make and model. Some can even be fully personalised, to add that extra little touch of class.

2. Customised Mats

Most car mats tend to be black, but they don’t have to be. Just as with seat covers, there are a whole load of different options out there, so you can find mats that protect your carpets while making a statement. If you’re looking to keep things classy and stick with black, you can always invest in personalised mats embroidered with your name or with your car’s badge or in the same colour trim as your car’s bodywork. Most carmakers offer premium interior accessories as optional add-ons, so take a look on your manufacturer’s website to see what mats and accessories they offer.

leather floor mats3. Seatbelt Covers

Redesigning a car interior is all in the little details, and this extends to the seatbelts. While there are limited ways to customise seatbelts, you can always add a brightly coloured or patterned cover to disguise the usual dull black. Seatbelt covers attach easily and make a great finishing touch for your interior. Not only that, but they can help to make wearing a seatbelt more comfortable, with padded covers available for people who find that their seatbelt starts to dig in during long journeys. So, even if you’re happy with your car’s interior as is, a padded seatbelt cover could be a useful addition.

4. Steering Wheel Covers

About the simplest and most inexpensive way to customise your car; steering wheel covers have been around for years, and are used for both changing how a car looks and how it feels to drive. If you’re looking to make a statement, you can find steering wheel covers in a bold range of colours and designs, so you can easily tie it in with the rest of the interior. Or, if you’re looking to maximise comfort and driver feel, a leather steering wheel cover can help give your car a premium, refined feel. Paying a little more for steering wheel covers can really aid the driver experience, as they will provide a better fit and will be much less likely to slide around when in use.

5. Dashboard Customisation

Take interior customisation to the next level by personalising your car’s dashboard. There are lots of avenues to go down here depending on how serious you are about updating the interior, from simple stickers and badges to custom decals, professionally made and fitted, which completely transform the look of your car’s control panel. Companies like Wicked Coatings can help transform your car’s dashboard, giving it a completely different look and feel, while you can also design personalised stickers that promise to give the front of your car some serious personality.

car pedals6. Custom Pedals

As we said earlier, minor details count on your car’s interior, so be sure to change up the pedals for that complete look. Swapping your car’s pedals is a simple job, and there are lots of different options available to give your car a sportier feel. It’s not just a cosmetic change either; fitting new pedals can give you more control or make your driving position more comfortable, so think about the type of pedals that would suit you before buying. Of course, you should always follow manufacturer instructions carefully when fitting third-party pedals, as it’s hugely important they’re fitted safely and securely.

7. Custom Gearstick

Changing the gearstick is often the first thing drivers do when customising their car’s interior. Not only can a new gearstick help give your car a sportier edge, it can improve driver feel too, particularly if you upgrade from plastic to leather or stainless steel. There are loads of different gearstick options to choose from, in a variety of designs, colours and textures, so you can easily give yours a unique new look. Changing the top knob of the gearstick is relatively simple, but if you want to change the cover and the stick, you should consult a professional before attempting the job yourself.

8. LED Floor Lighting

Give your car a contemporary space-age feel by adding LED floor lighting. Fitted beneath the dashboard, this lighting setup will illuminate the footwells, casting a colourful glow into the cabin. Low-powered LED bulbs are dim enough to prevent glare on the windows and won’t use lots of power, so they’re safe to use during normal driving. There are lots of different LED colours to choose from, so you can set the mood and make those night-time journeys much more interesting.

air freshener9. In-Car Fragrance

One way to make a bold statement in your car’s interior is to focus on fragrance. Car air fresheners do an OK job of masking odour and making the cabin smell fresh, there are better, more effective ways to add scent to your car’s interior. Look out for in-car perfume pots that you can add to your car’s glove compartment, which help permeate strong, lasting scent through the cabin. Premium carmakers like Mercedes offer these as an optional extra, so it’s something to look out for if you like your car to smell as good as it looks.

10. Sound and In-Car Entertainment

If your car’s stock stereo system doesn’t deliver the sound quality and volume you’re after, it’s well worth upgrading. Fitting a new stereo isn’t as tricky as it might sound, but if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, most suppliers offer fitting, usually for a fee. And it isn’t just the sound system you can change on your car these days; thanks to new-and-improved in-car infotainment, there are lots of aftermarket options you can add for improved entertainment, including touch screens and HUDs.

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