Summer Dirt: Spot the Worst Offenders and Keep Your Car Clean

Those hot summer days might be on their way back again and what better way to spend them than behind the wheel? But seasonal dust and dirt could be doing more damage to your vehicle than you think.  Check out our line-up of the top seasonal offenders and discover how to protect your car from damage –  inside and out – this summer.

1. Salt

You might be fond of sand dunes and salty air, but your vehicle’s bodywork is not. Salt is corrosive both to paintwork and the underside of your vehicle.  If you’re taking a coastal road trip this summer, be sure to wash your car regularly with a specialist shampoo. Never use household cleaning products on your car as these can actually damage your paintwork.

salt cleaning car summer

2. UV Rays

Not only harmful to your skin, the sun’s UV rays can also prematurely age your paintwork. Over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause your vehicle’s bodywork to oxidise and fade.

Regular waxing is the most effective way to protect that showroom shine. Just one application of Simoniz Original Wax can protect your car for up to a year because it contains natural carnauba, known as the ‘Queen of Waxes’. We recommend applying a wax containing carnauba for a high shine, glossy finish and longer lasting protection. For the best results, apply a hard wax at least twice a year to retain your car’s deep, glossy shine all year round – at the start of summer is the ideal time to protect your car

If your interior plastics are looking a bit worse for wear, all is not lost! Keep a Reusable Dash Restorer Pad handy to bring your dashboard back to its former glory. You don’t need a separate cloth for application so you can keep one in the glove compartment for a guaranteed showroom finish, anytime!

To prolong the life of your vehicle’s bodywork and interior, always park out of direct sunlight and store your car undercover where possible.

3. Sun Lotion

This summer essential is great for protecting your skin, but it can be accidentally transferred to your car’s interior and can stain upholstery, or even your paintwork if you don’t have a protective layer of wax.

Many sun creams are oil based and are designed to be water resistant so can be difficult to remove from fabric interiors. We recommend using a specialist upholstery cleaner for a deep clean between trips.

4. Dust

In dry weather, your vehicle is more prone to gathering dust and dirt. These tiny particles can act like sandpaper on your paintwork and should be removed with gentle washing. Wiping the dust off your car can cause scratches, so make sure you carefully rinse your car before cleaning it with a sponge or cloth. 

dust summer cars

5. Glare

Not only is dirt a nuisance; when it comes to windows and glass, it can become a serious safety issue.

Never allow dirt to build up on your windscreen and affect your visibility. A clear view of the road is essential at all times of year but when the sun is out, a dirty windscreen can really amplify glare and obstruct your view. Our Clear Vision Glass Cleaner is specially formulated to give a streak-free shine and prevent dangerous sun dazzle, helping you stay safe on the road. And if mucky hands have left fingerprints on your windows, our cleaner is great for interior glass too. Just spray onto a cloth or paper towel for a spotless finish.

6. Bugs

Picking up a few squashed insects is part and parcel of summer driving, but they can do more than look unsightly. Insect blood is actually very acidic and can cause real damage to your car’s paintwork, so always wash deposits off immediately. Want to save time and prolong the life of your car’s exterior? Our Insect and Dirt Remover is tough on bugs and dirt but gentle on paintwork. Apply this fast acting formula between washes to dissolve harmful deposits and keep your car free from dirt and damage.

7. Bird Droppings

Droppings can leave ugly marks on your paintwork and combined with the summer sun, become more difficult to remove. Metal and paint will expand in high temperatures whilst the bird mess hardens leaving a stain on your car’s paint. Take a damp cloth to droppings before they have the chance to dry and stain your car… and avoid parking under trees!

bird drops car

8. When to wash?

The sun is shining and you have a few hours to spare – you might think it’s the perfect time to wash your car. In fact, water droplets act like tiny magnifiers to concentrate rays of sunlight which can permanently mark your car’s paintwork. Avoid washing your car in the heat of the day and do your cleaning in the evening instead. Washing your car when it’s cooler will also make wax easier to apply, without it drying out.

From shampoo and polish to specialised leather upholstery care, Simoniz have a great range of quality products, designed to clean and protect your car all year round with shine guaranteed. To browse the full range of cleaning and detailing products, visit our homepage.