The Best Car Accessories for Families

Whether you’re a new parent or are planning your first family road trip, driving with children in tow promises to be a whole different ball game to what you’re used to. But with a little forethought and the right in-car accessories, you can limit the choir of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and reach your destination with as little drama as possible.

To help kit your car with the right bits and pieces, we’ve put together a guide to the best car accessories for families.

Dreambaby Car Backseat Organiser

Keep clutter in check with the ultra-handy Dreambaby Car Backseat Organiser. Ideal for kids who rarely travel light, this clever pocket-storage organiser has space for everything from colouring crayons to a water bottle, so they can keep their bits and bobs in easy reach. There’s even space for an iPad or tablet, so that’s the entertainment taken care of.

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Kit

Most people don’t bother carrying a first aid kit, but when you’re travelling with kids, we’d say it’s essential. Every parent can attest to just how often whoopsies occur, so it’s good to have the right kit to deal with cuts, bumps and grazes. We especially like the Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Kit for its compact size and snap-button strap, as well as the fact that it includes handy items like an emergency whistle and foil blanket – perfect for emergencies.

Kinder Fluff Sunshades

Finding the right sunshades for your car can be a real headache, with seemingly hundreds of options to choose from, all promising the best protection for your little ones. After a bit of legwork, we came across the Kinder Fluff Sunshades, which have the highest protection rating available, and are certified to block 99.7% of UVA and UVB rays. They’re super dark too, making them great for sleepy babies travelling in the back.

woman fastening baby into car seat

Fortem Car Boot Organiser

Take your car organisation to the next level with the Fortem Car Boot Organiser. Designed to fit in most car boots, this robust organiser features handy dividers that let you compartmentalise all your luggage, so you can find the things your family needs quickly and easily. The non-slip base and adjustable straps hold everything in place, while the organiser can also be collapsed when not in use, freeing up space for bulkier items – or the family pooch.

One thing to note about the Fortem is that while it’s a great organiser, you may not have space to fit a pram in your boot too. That’s why we’d recommend it for families with older kids only.

Britax Romer Car Seats

A safe, reliable and comfortable car seat is the secret to happy and safe journeys with your kids. Out of all the car seats on the market, Britax are regarded as the crème-de-la-crème, offering outstanding safety and comfort for little travellers.

Whichever car seat you eventually choose for your tots, don’t forget to look for Isofix fittings to ensure maximum safety and security.

Brica Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

Travelling with a baby can be a little disconcerting, especially when they’re strapped into a rear-facing car seat in the back. But anxious parents need worry no longer; the Brica Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror is the perfect accessory for keeping an eye on your prized cargo. Fitting easily over the head restraints, this big, no-nonsense mirror is an easy way to make sure all is well for your little back-seat passengers.

Trunki Travel Pillow

If your kids have a tendency to get restless on long journeys, a travel pillow could be just the ticket for helping them stay comfy and relaxed. Out of the all travel pillows out there, we particularly like the Trunki. Available in a range of different designs, this durable child’s travel pillow offers both neck and chin support, helping youngsters catch some Zs on even the longest of family road trips.

child eating donut in her carseat

Halfords 24L Electric Coolbox

Food, drink and snacks – these are some of the best distractions in any parent’s arsenal. No family road trip should be undertaken without the right grub, which is why we think the Halfords 24L Electric Coolbox is an absolute no-brainer. Powered by your car’s 12V battery, this 24-litre food storage box can not only keep those sarnies nice and cool, but it can also keep food and drink warm up to a maximum temperature of +65°C – perfect if you need to take a warm bottle of milk.

Mifold Child Restraint

Whether you’re hiring a car for a family holiday abroad or simply don’t have the space for a full-sized car seat for your older kids, the Mifold Child Restraint is a great solution. Billed as the world’s most compact car booster seat, the Mifold uses a 3-belt guide system to make sure your kids are strapped in safely, whatever car they’re in. When not in use, the restraint folds up easily, ready for a suitcase.

PowerTiger Car Rubbish Bin

Let’s face it, children aren’t the cleanest or tidiest passengers, and on long family road trips, rubbish can become a real problem. That’s where the PowerTiger Car Rubbish Bin comes in. Attaching to head restraints or the centre console, this robust in-car bin is a godsend for car-proud mums and dads, with a leak-proof design and plenty of space to keep your kid’s trash in check.

We hope this guide helps you kit out your car ready for your next family road trip. If you care about your car, Simoniz can help you look after it inside and out. For more information and our full product range, visit the homepage.

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