The Best Haunted Destinations to Visit by Car

There’s something mystical about the dark nights and misty mornings of autumn. And with Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to head out and indulge your fascination with ghosts, ghouls, and spooky goings-on.

Here in the UK, there’s no shortage of spaces where you can hear tall tales of the supernatural kind. Believe them or not, it’s always interesting to hear how history has become legend – not to mention a great way to keep the kids quiet during the half-term holiday.

With Halloween celebrations mostly called off last year, we think that’s reason enough to get in the spirit of this most spooky of seasons. And what better way to mark All Hallows Eve than with a road trip to some of the UK’s most haunted destinations?

To help plan your passage through the paranormal, Simoniz has compiled a list of the UK’s (reputedly) most haunted hotels and regions. So, what are you waiting for? Muster up some courage as we take a trip to the dark side this Halloween.

The UK’s Most Haunted Hotels: Where to Stay for a Spooktacular Halloween

Feeling brave? Then why not book a stay at one of Britain’s most haunted hotels, where you’ll be sharing a room with the likes of the ‘Headless Horseman’, the ‘Grey Lady’, and maybe a creepy monk or two. Take a look at our chart below to discover Britain’s most ghostly stopovers – if you dare!

Top rated haunted hotelFrom ancient smugglers’ rooms to sprawling castles with dimly lit chambers, the macabre is par for the course at some of the UK’s oldest and famous hotels. Take The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall’s historic moorland getaway; it’s one of our most haunted hotels, with 146 recent visitors mentioning ghosts in their review.

Elsewhere, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see the Bagdale Hall Hotel ranking among Britain’s most haunted sleepover spots. An old Tudor manor in the heart of Whitby, there’s more to worry about than famous vampires when booking a stay at this 16th-century inn (though we’re sure it’s quite lovely).

From the North York Moors to the Scottish Highlands now, as the ramparts of the ancient Tulloch Castle reveal their secrets. Built in the 12th century, this atmospheric Scottish keep has since been converted into a 4-star hotel, though not everything is as it seems.

Tulloch is thought to be Scotland’s most haunted hotel, with 93 people mentioning ghosts and ghouls in their reviews. And with its heavy oak doors and ornate, candlelit chambers, you’ll need nerves of steel to book a stay here this All Hallows Eve.

It seems that wherever you stay in the UK, ghostly happenings are never far away. Our research found that thousands of hotels up and down the country have their own resident ghosts – from the famous Langham in London to Chester’s Ye Olde King’s Head.

For a full list of the spookiest places to stay in the UK this autumn, take a look at our complete index of haunted hotels below.

UK’s Haunted Hotels

The Best Driving Destinations for Budding Ghost Hunters

Enjoy a tall tale of ghosts and ghouls but can’t face staying the night in a haunted hotel? We hear you. Thankfully, it’s still possible to get close to the paranormal without sleeping in a creepy haunted castle – perfect for those looking to get in the spirit of Halloween without scaring themselves witless.

Take a look at our map below to get some inspiration for your upcoming Halloween road trip. We’ve pinned the places known for their paranormal activity, so you can chart a course and encounter the unexplained.

Most haunted regions in the UKWe’re not sure how people sleep at night in Yorkshire, as the county came out well on top of our list of regions with the most paranormal activity. And that’s good news for those hoping to spot a ghost or two on their upcoming half-term road trip, with Yorkshire and the Humber offering no shortage of exciting day trip destinations – from Whitby Abbey to Bolton Castle to name but a few.

Elsewhere, London showed its paranormal colours in fine style, with 684 accounts of ghoulish happenings in the capital. And that should come as no surprise, with the ancient streets and buildings of the big smoke bearing witness to all sorts of grisliness and foul play over the centuries.

Those seeking a spooky day out in the south west can certainly expect some horror and intrigue. Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and Somerset have collectively accrued over 300 paranormal records – with The Jamaica Inn alone accounting for a fair share of these unexplained goings-on.

The good news, even if you don’t see a ghost, the south west is the perfect destination for an autumnal family day trip or longer getaway. From brooding Bodmin Moor (home to the aforementioned Jamaica Inn) to Somerset’s Wookey Hole show caves, said to be home to a resident witch, this beautiful corner of England is guaranteed to bring some fun frights this Halloween.

The UK’s Most Sighted Ghosts: What to Look Out for on Your Halloween Road Trip

From creepy ladies locked in towers to columns of Roman soldiers marching endlessly through the gloomy countryside – the UK’s ghosts are a varied bunch. Take a look at the most common supernatural sightings below, so you know what you’re up against.

Most common UK ghost sightingsWe’re not sure what’s so spooky about long-dead ladies, but they seem to be the most commonly sighted type of ghost in the UK. And that’s hardly surprising, given that every historic manor house between London and Inverness seems to have its own resident grey, white or red lady.

Monks, too, seem to show up a lot in paranormal records, perhaps because England’s ancient abbeys and monasteries are innately spooky. And don’t even get us started on poltergeists, a special breed of ghost whose nightly disturbances can be seen or heard by the living and which accounts for a number of paranormal sightings around the UK.

So, there you have it, a complete guide to the most haunted places to stay or visit around the UK. Whatever you have planned this Halloween, make sure your car is looking its best before you travel with Simoniz. For more information or to browse our car care range, visit the homepage.

How We Did It

To come up with our list of spooky places around the UK, we pulled data from different sources to create a complete list of the top spooky hotels and haunted destinations to drive to around the nation. Here is a list of sources used as part of our research:


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