What is Very High Temperature Paint?

High temperature areas need special paint which is able to withstand the intense heat. Simoniz Very High Temperature Paint has been specially developed for this use, providing a durable finish on a range of surfaces.

It is available in 4 standard colours:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Red
  • And now available in Blue

Simoniz Very High Temperature Paint has been developed in the lab and tested in intense heat and on the road to make sure it performs. It’s ideal for painting areas such as exhausts, brake callipers and manifolds.

  • Guaranteed to protect at temperatures up to 1400ᵒF, 800ᵒC (depending on the colour)
  • Ideal for areas of intense heat such as exhausts
  • Oil and petrol resistant
  • Also suitable for boilers, barbecues, stoves and more

Achieve a durable and attractive finish on your high temperature surfaces today with Simoniz Very High Temperature paint.