Our Story

Simoniz Original Wax is where it all began over a century ago back the US. Our gold tin became an icon and the product has become the industry benchmark for long lasting protection & brilliant shine. Today, it is the product by which all others are judged!  More than 100 years of valeting experience has ensured that our comprehensive new range can be trusted by professionals to provide market leading performance every time.

Our Simoniz knowledge and experience has even been celebrated as a verb in the English dictionary! Si-mon-ize – verb (used with object), to shine or polish to a high sheen ; to simonize a vehicle.


The BeginningThe company is started by George Simons in the US. Along with Elmer Rich, he launches a cleaner and a carnauba wax, helping early car

owners to protect the paintwork on their motors. The longevity from 1910 to today makes Simoniz the oldest car care brand in the United States.


Simoniz is BornElmer Rich and his brother take full ownership of the company, changing the name to Simoniz. They set up an office on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, also known as Automotive Row.



Simoniz’s quality is trusted across the US, so much so that it becomes part of people’s every day vocabulary. The iconic moment comes when Simonize is added to the dictionary as a verb meaning

“to shine or polish to a high sheen, especially with wax:

to simonize an automobile.”


1957_simonizSimoniz launch their first wash and wax product, One-Step Cleaner/Wax, combining the elements of their original shampoo and wax, which was an instant hit. It became the top car care product almost overnight.

1971 & 1972

1971_simonizSimoniz sponsor drivers in the Trans-Am series. In both years, they sponsor the winning Datsun drivers. Trans-Am is a car racing series which began in 1966 as a competition for ordinary road cars which had been modified. The series exists to this day.


Holts Logo Flag Black CMYKSimoniz joins the Holt Lloyd family. Formed by Douglas Holt in 1919, it’s one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive care and repair products. The combined heritage of Holts and Simoniz create a strong partnership to drive Simoniz forward in the UK and across the globe.


2015_simonizSimoniz launch their new look designs, with distinctive colour coding to help customer choose the right product.

Today, 18 scientists using 58 methods, test products for over 2000 hours to deliver the Simoniz quality we’re known and loved for.