How to upgrade your car to a premium spec


If you buy a new car from the manufacturer, you can often customise the package to upgrade your car to a more “premium” version with extras such as leather interiors, higher-spec in car technology or exterior appearance options. If you buy a used car though, you won’t necessarily get these options and you might want to add them. Or perhaps you just want to make your current car feel a little more luxurious.


Start with a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

If your car’s steering wheel is looking a bit tired, you should upgrade it. There are a couple of options on how to change your car’s steering wheel, depending on how much you want to spend.

Upgrade the Gear Stick

It seems like most mainstream car manufacturers overlook the gear stick when designing car interiors – not so with luxury and supercar designers. How the gear stick looks and feels can make a huge difference to how the car drives, so you should consider swapping out your stock lever for one that’s designed for comfort and style.

Gear sticks are easy to change and there are lots of different designs to choose from, ranging from novelty ball-style levers to luxurious leather finishes. You’ll find replacement gear sticks online or from shops like Halfords.

The first and most expensive option is to buy a brand new wheel; sites like Car Throttle have lots to choose from that can give your car a more premium feel. You could also upholster your current steering wheel with leather to give it a more luxurious look, although you might want to leave this to the professionals. Easily the cheapest way of upgrading your steering wheel is with a cover, and there are loads of options available depending on the look you want.

car gear stick

Buy a HUD Projector for the Dashboard

Heads up display systems are a common feature on high-end sports cars. Not only do they look good, but they give you essential information like speed and revs right in your eyeline, so you can focus on the joy of driving.

While lots of cars now have an HUD built-in, you can buy them as an aftermarket add-on. Amazon has a few different options, ranging from a few pounds to hundreds, but we’d recommend reading this HUD buying guide if you’re serious about getting the right one for your car.

Get Some Quality Floormats

Floormats may be easy to ignore when you’re sat behind the wheel, but they can make a big difference to how your car looks and feels. It can be tempting to just get a budget option, seeing them as just a necessary item to protect the carpet, but there are some mats out there can really help transform the interior of your car.

Rather than buying the cheapest set of car mats you can find, shop around and consider spending a bit more on a good quality set. Not only will this make a difference to how your car looks, pricier mats will last longer and offer better protection for the carpet, so they can be worth the extra money.

Reupholster Your Seats

Have you ever seen a luxury car with ugly seats? Neither have we. If your car seats are bland, dirty or just a bit tired, you can make a huge difference to your car’s interior by having them reupholstered. There are different types of fabric you can choose for your seats, depending on budget and what look you’d like. Even if you go for a cheaper option, new, clean seats will look better than faded old ones.

  • Nylon – durable so offers good value.
  • Polyster/microsuede – harder to keep clean but has a softer, slightly more luxurious feel.
  • Vinyl or faux leather – easy to keep clean but without the premium feel of other finishes.
  • Leather – you’ll need specialist products to care for it, but it provides the most premium look and feel.

Although not the cheapest option, reupholstering the seats will have a big impact on how the cabin feels and can add value to your car. If you want to go down that route, we’d recommend having a pro carry out the work for you, unless you’re brave enough to have a go yourself.

leather car seats


Invest in a New Set of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels can completely transform what your car looks like on the outside. If you think they’re only for boy-racer cars, it’s worth doing a bit of research as there are loads of different looks and styles that can add a touch of class to your car’s appearance.

Keep it Shiny Inside and Out

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to keep your car looking more premium is to keep it clean and shiny. A really good coat of wax adds a deep shine which looks more luxurious than bare paint, and will also keep it protected from damage which can cheapen the appearance. Read more here about selecting the right car wax for you.

Don’t neglect your wheels either – shiny alloys and tyres add that extra element of quality, and if you’ve spent money upgrading them it’s important you take care of them to prevent rust and damage. This guide gives you all the information you need to take care of your wheels.

It’s easier than ever to find affordable alloy wheels for your car, with online tools available which will help you compare prices for your car’s make and model. Remember, though, that new wheels will affect how your car feels on the road, so consider the size and design first to make sure ride comfort isn’t affected.

Add Window Tints

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add a little privacy to your car’s interior, then consider window tints. If you’re confident enough to add window tints yourself, it’s a relatively affordable way to give your car a touch of A-list mystique. They’re practical too – they help to block the sun’s UV rays which keeps the car cooler and protects babies and young children.

Do some research first to make sure you’ve got everything you need to tint the windows yourself. It can be a tricky process, but if you take your time and follow the steps in this guide from Redex, you’ll be well on your way to a more stylish drive.

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