One Coat Tough Paints


Paintwork on surfaces that are exposed to heat or abrasion can become chipped or flaky unless you use a paint which is highly durable. Simoniz Tough Paints are specially developed for these areas, as they’re able to withstand heat and provide a tough, chip-resistant finish.

The Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints range includes both Tough Satin Black and Tough Gloss Black. Whichever finish you choose, these easy-to-use spray paints provide a smooth and durable coating on a range of surfaces, so are guaranteed to get pretty much any job done – whether you’re painting your car or doing some home DIY.

  • No primer required
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable and chip resistant

Features and Benefits

Whether you’re searching for car touch-up paint for scratches or scuffs or need durable spray paint to protect your metal gate and railings at home – Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints have got you covered.

Quick drying and chip resistant, our protection spray paints can be applied in a single coat with no primer required. They’re developed for the toughest jobs when only the best paint will do – whether that’s spraying a motorcycle exhaust system or touching up high-traffic hardware around your home, garden, or workplace.

We’ve poured years of Simoniz know-how into each can of One Coat Tough Paint, so you can feel confident that these durable spray paints will deliver great results in a single application. And best of all, they’re super easy to use and apply, with no specialist skills, equipment or knowledge required.

How to Apply

Whoever said applying spray paint needs to be difficult and best left to the professionals? With Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints, any DIY’er can achieve exceptional results, so long as they follow the instructions and adequately prepare the area for painting.

While you don’t need a primer to apply our One Coat sprays, we would recommend cleaning and lightly sanding any previously painted surface you plan to paint before you start. This will ensure maximum paint adhesion and help you achieve a solid, chip-resistant coating on a range of hard materials.

When it comes to applying Simoniz One Coat Tough Paints, do so in a well-ventilated area and use the correct PPE where appropriate. The ideal application temperature, wherever you’re using the One Coat Tough Paint is 21C/70F.

We’d always recommend that you test spray a small area first. Then when you’re happy, with the can held around 25-30cm from the surface, apply the spray in a smooth, even manner. Leave 20-30 mins between applying thin, even coats.

After use, invert the can and depress the nozzle for several seconds to clear. Then give the final coat of paint 24 hours of curing time, and never overcoat with other paints or lacquers.

Tips and Tricks


Where can I buy Simoniz paint products?

Simoniz paint products, including our One Coat Tough Paints, can be purchased online via affiliated stockists or in other stores that stock the Simoniz car care range. Tap here for more details on where to buy our paint products.

How do I prepare a surface for painting?

Whether it’s a panel on your car or a barbecue lid, you should prepare the surface thoroughly before applying any paint.

Start by washing and cleaning the surface thoroughly, before drying with a microfibre towel. Then, using fine-grit wet dry sandpaper, rub down the area to create a “key” for the new paint.

Tap here for more hints and tips on preparing your car for spray painting.