Simoniz Colour Primers

At Simoniz we’re dedicated to helping you achieve a professional showroom finish at home, even when it comes to bigger jobs like painting.

If you’re painting your car, you want to create a smooth and even surface.

Simoniz has a range of trusted and tested spray paints and acrylic primers which are guaranteed to give an even spray, perfect for creating a base coat.

Our acrylic primers can be used on a range of surfaces including wood, metals and plastics, and are available in:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Red oxide


Simoniz Spray Paint Acrylic Primers are:

  • Creates a smooth base layer
  • Prevents rust
  • Strong surface adhesion

Prepare your car for painting the easy way with Simoniz Spray Paint Primers.

Frequently asked questions:


Car paint should always be applied to a fully prepared smooth surface and preferably in warm weather as paint takes longer to dry in cold conditions. Wash and dry the vehicle and then use fine wet and dry sand paper (2000 grit) to rub down the area you wish to paint. This creates a "key" for the new for the new paint to adhere to the surface. If there are any deep scratches , you might need to use a Simoniz primer or Spray Putty to fill them before applying the colour coat. Use Simoniz Colour Restorer Polish to blend new paintwork into old and to remove any fine scratches or swirls.

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If the scratches are very fine, then you can try polishing. Wash and dry your car first, then apply Simoniz Colour Restorer Polish, using a special Simoniz Microfibre Polishing Cloth. Work the polish into the affected area using a circular motion. Work on small areas and leave to dry just to a haze and then buff to a shine. Using a Simoniz Wax after polishing will protect your paintwork from further damage. If the scratches are larger, deeper and more visible, you will most likely need to respray the area.

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Simoniz Original Wax is a hard, durable wax which can last up to 12 months.

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You can buy Simoniz paints from specialist stores such as motor factors across the UK, and a selection can also be found in Halfords. Our Where to Buy page can help you find a stockist in your area.

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