Car washing with car shampoo

Which is the best sponge or cloth for car washing?

When you wash you car you need a sponge or cloth which is tough on the dirt but gentle on your paintwork. The Simoniz Microfibre Wash Mitt offers superior cleaning without damaging your exterior, and is designed to be comfortable to use to make washing easy.

Simoniz Insect and Bird Dropping Remover

How do I remove stubborn dirt like bird droppings or tar from my car?

Stubborn dirt doesn’t just look unsightly, it can actually damage your paintwork. Bird droppings in particular should be removed as quickly as possible. Simoniz Insect and Dirt Remover provides intensive cleaning for stubborn deposits, and shampooing your car with Simoniz Wash and Wax will help you to achieve a squeaky clean exterior.