How do I remove stubborn dirt like bird droppings or tar from my car?

Not only does stubborn, dried on dirt such as bird droppings, bugs and tree sap look unsightly, it can actually damage your car’s paintwork if left untreated. Bird droppings in particular cause abrasions, stains and blemishes, so it’s vital you remove it right away. This kind of dirt, grime and muck is often difficult to remove, which is why we developed Simoniz Insect and Dirt Remover.

Simoniz Insect and Dirt Remover is an easy to use spray that makes it easy to remove harmful dirt from your vehicle’s exterior. It’s tough enough to remove even the most stubborn stains, yet it’s gentle on your paintwork and is guaranteed for all exteriors. Thanks to its easy trigger spray system, Insect and Dirt Remover is simple to use between washes to keep your paintwork clean.

For regular washes to keep your exterior shining, use Simoniz Shampoo & Snow Foam. This specially developed car shampoo contains added carnauba wax to leave your car clean, shiny and protected against harmful deposits.



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