Matte Black Bentley

How should I clean a car that has matt paint?

It’s important matt cars are washed more often and very gently to avoid imparting scratches as well as taking your time with the paintwork. We’d advise the two bucket method of shampoo and clean water.

Simoniz Insect and Bird Dropping Remover

How do I remove stubborn dirt like bird droppings or tar from my car?

Stubborn dirt doesn’t just look unsightly, it can actually damage your paintwork. Bird droppings in particular should be removed as quickly as possible. Simoniz Insect and Dirt Remover provides intensive cleaning for stubborn deposits, and shampooing your car with Simoniz Wash and Wax will help you to achieve a squeaky clean exterior.

Simoniz Lasting Protection Wax

What happens if I use valeting products on a hot car?

If your car paintwork is hot, valeting products like shampoos and wax polishes have a tendency to dry quickly. If the products are not rinsed or buffed off before drying, they can leave white marks and streaks that can take a lot of effort to remove. They should ideally be used on cool surfaces, so avoid washing and waxing in hot sunshine. Try parking in the shade to allow the car to cool first.