Simoniz Zinc Primer

Repainting your car or repairing a dent? Before you apply paint, reach for Simoniz Zinc Primer, which guarantees excellent paint adhesion and longevity for galvanised and untreated metals.

At Simoniz, we have over 30 years’ experience developing paints for cars, so we know that certain surfaces can be difficult to paint on. Galvanised metals or untreated metals don’t hold paints well and can also rust and corrode, which can ruin the paintwork.

That’s why we developed Simoniz Zinc Primer. Providing strong chemical bonding to create a smooth surface that’s easy to paint on, our performance primer spray helps fight corrosion and provides outstanding adhesion for your finishing coat. It can also be used to protect bare metal from corrosion, if it’s being left unpainted.

  • Powerful corrosion inhibitor
  • Strong surface adhesion
  • For galvanised and untreated metals

Features and Benefits

Simoniz Zinc Primer is your go-to metal primer car spray, offering incredible paint adhesion and a durable, anti-corrosion base coat. Whether you’re respraying your car or repairing a small area, our zinc-based primer is designed to treat galvanised and untreated metals, so you can be sure of an outstanding finish when it comes time to paint.

Zinc-rich primers are known for their outstanding corrosion resistance, helping to fight rust and premature wear for years with a single coat. Simoniz Zinc Primer forms an impenetrable coating between bare metal and your car’s paint top coat, helping to protect the metal’s integrity in even the most aggressive and testing conditions.

How it Works

Simoniz Zinc Primer should be applied on galvanised and untreated metal surfaces. The product’s design makes for easy and accurate application, whether you’re painting a whole panel or a small section.

Sand metal surfaces back to their untreated state before applying Simoniz Zinc Primer. The solution will bond to exposed material, creating a powerful coating that is ideal for ensuring maximum paint adhesion.

Shake well before use and position around 20 cm from the surface of the car when applying. Spray in smooth, even lines on the desired area and leave to dry. Don’t apply too much; a thin coating is best to ensure an even and consistent finish on the final paintwork.

Where to Buy

Simoniz Zinc Primer is available from major retailers and your local automotive maintenance store. For best results, use with other paints and products in the Simoniz paint and maintenance range, including Simoniz Underguard and Simoniz Very High Temperature Paint.

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